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sebsteHi all! Got a little problem with upgrading tryton. I upgrades tryton and trytond and all my installed modules using "pip3 install --upgrade". I then wanted to upgrade dem modules using the client (Administration->Modules). This fails with an Application Error: Fault: no such column: a.month Traceback here: Any idea what I did wrong or how to fix it?17:10
pokolisebste: you should use the trytond-admin command to upgrade your database before connecting to the client17:10
pokolisebste: trytond-admin -d <db_name> --all -vv17:10
pokolisebste: where db name is your database name17:10
sebstepokoli: well I tried that before, but it gave the same results17:10
pokolisebste: you should probably also use the -c flag to specify the route to your config file. I will recomend having a look at the help of the trytond-admin command to see the available option17:10
sebsteYes, I did that, just tried again - exact same result: sqlite3.OperationalError: no such column: a.month17:10
sebsteIs it possible I forgot to upgrade a module? I thought pip3 takes care of dependencies?17:10
pokolisebste: you should exec that with the new version, not the older one17:10
sebstepokoli: sorry, what do you mean? You mean i should restart trytond before running trytond-admin?17:10
pokolisebste: from which version to which version are you migration?17:10
sebste5.2.6 to 5.2.717:10
sebsteWell thats what trytond --version said17:10
sebsteModules are mostly 5.2.0 to 5.2.1 - thats a bit confusing17:10
pokolisebste: sorry but have you go17:10
pokolisebste: but it seems that you are mixing some list of modules17:10
pokolisebste: you should check that all the installed modules are from the same series (first two digits of the version)17:10
sebstepokoli: alright, I'llk check that, thanks for your help!17:10
sebsteOK, first two digits are all 5.217:10
sebstepokoli: thanks again. have a good one!17:10
cedksebste: could you check the schema of the table account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta17:10
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sebstecedk: sorry just saw your message right now. How would I do that?18:10
cedkwith sqlite3 and the command: .schema account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta18:10
sebstesqlite> .schema account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta18:10
sebsteCREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS "account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta" (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, "create_date" TIMESTAMP, "create_uid" INTEGER, "day" INTEGER, "days" INTEGER, "line" INTEGER, "months" INTEGER, "sequence" INTEGER, "weeks" INTEGER, "write_date" TIMESTAMP, "write_uid" INTEGER, "_temp_month" INTEGER, "weekday" INTEGER);18:10
cedksebste: hum, it looks that the migration did not run completly  on the first time18:10
cedkyou have _temp_ columns18:10
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sebstecedk: ok is there a way to redo it?18:10
cedksebste: I guess the best would be to rename _temp_month into month18:10
cedksebste: but rename column in SQLite is not easy18:10
cedkthat's also a reason for which we do not recommend to use sqlite backend for production18:10
sebstecedk: I see. I will try that later like so:
cedkso schema alteration on SQLite is not transactional that's bad18:10
sebstecedk: thanks for your help18:10
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sebstecedk: ill let you know whow it went. Do you think it is likely, that other tables might also be affected?18:10
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cedksebste: I do not think because the process must have stopped in this particular migration otherwise the temp column would have been dropped18:10
sebsteok, I'll give it a shot. Thanks!19:10
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andrespolitihi, i started a docker instance of tryton as per the instructions in docker hub page
andrespolitibut when i open localhost:8000 i get no login dialog, only the tryton logo20:10
andrespolitii tried with the 5.2 and 5.0 images20:10
andrespolitiokey, it worked but i had to go to
andrespolitinow i get a very weird error where the stacktrace has all the dots removed20:10
andrespoliti  File "/usr/local/lib/python35/dist-packages/trytond/backend/postgresql/databasepy", line 67, in execute20:10
andrespoliti    cursorexecute(self, sql, args)20:10
andrespolitipsycopg2ProgrammingError: column cactive does not exist20:10
andrespolitiLINE 1: id" = "b""group") WHERE ((("c""id" IN (1)) AND ("c""activ20:10
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andrespolitiim running trytond 5.2 in docker and im getting a concurrency exception when i try to mark a module for activation21:10
andrespoliticould it be that my postgres container is in a different timezone than my trytond container?21:10
andrespolitithis is the output of date from trytond docker: Tue Oct  8 19:37:41 UTC 201921:10
andrespolitithis is the output of date from postgres docker: Tue 08 Oct 2019 07:37:46 PM UTC21:10
andrespolitithe same happens in my machine and in play-with-docker.com21:10
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