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mrichezhi, how do you deal with typeerror on sorted function ? i've added a custom field( one2many not mandatory) on a model . I've added this field as key on sorted method. When having lines with an empty value and not empty value for this field, i got an error: '<' not supported between instances of "mycustommodel" and NoneType. Thanks for help!09:45
cedkmrichez: you need to replace the None value by something in your key function09:47
mrichezcedk: i try with '' or 0 ... but it's not working because not the same type.... i saw for datetime, there's a datetime.min but in my case it's a field one2many from a custom model...09:49
cedkmrichez: you are sorting using a tuples? That's very strange09:52
cedkmrichez: but then you can use () as default value09:53
mrichezcedk: yes it's tuples, i'm extending sorting key on purchase_requests09:53
cedkmrichez: be also careful that None in the tuple will break the sorting10:07
cedkACTION do not like the Python 3 exception against None comparison10:08
mrichezcedk: not work with None... here's my code:
cedkmrichez: I would just not put the key with None value10:10
mrichezcedk: but how to sort with this key then ? i use it to group my purchase requests10:11
cedkmrichez: I do not see the problem10:13
cedkmrichez: the requests will be sorted10:14
mrichezin purchase_requests it's the same key used for sorted and groupby functions... so if i remove the key with None value, it will not be use in the groupby function ?10:17
cedkmrichez: and what will be the problem?10:19
cedkmrichez: the value is None for those removed keys10:20
mrichezcedk: not always None... my custom field could have a value10:22
cedkmrichez: but you remove only when it is None10:25
mrichezcedk: ok10:26
mrichezcedk: Thanks! working :-)10:33
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nminixHello there, I'm in the process of setting up Tryton as a test in a Ubuntu 16.04 VM. I configured /etc/tryton/trytond.conf and ran # trytond -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -v . I then launch the Client on the same machine, and create a new profile connecting to localhost:8000. When I craete a new database I receive the error "Sorry, wrong password for the Tryton server." I'm using the password "admin" as I supplied in trytond.conf as "super_13:25
nminixpwd = admin". Any help is greatly appreciated.13:25
cedknminix: trytond.conf does not store password since many years13:26
cedknminix: database initialization is done with trytond-admin13:26
nminixI followed that first, but my installation doesn't have trytond-admin. # find / -iname trytond-admin doesn't return any results. I installed from the xenial repos.13:30
cedknminix: what version is it?13:34
nminixtryton-server/xenial, 3.8.3-113:35
cedknminix: 3.8 is no more supported since 2.5 years13:36
cedknminix: you should use a supported version like 5.0 which is LTS13:36
nminixI'm going via the `python install` on 5.0.0 now13:43
cedknminix: an easy way to try Tryton is to use the Docker image:
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