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mrichezhi, after a pull update on trytond test installation, i launch command trytond-admin -c ... -d .... --all -vvv ... it seems blocked... here's the last query displayed:09:10
mrichezhow to know which module is faulty for this blocked query ?09:10
mrichezafter ctrl-break... i retry same command with -u country ... the problems seems there09:10
semariemrichez: which trytond version ? what is the process state for trytond-admin or postgresql processes ? busy, locked, idle ?09:10
mrichezsemarie: trytond tip (5.3); don't know the state (100% cpu used) running09:10
mrichezinfinite loop or query ?09:10
semariehere, I am fine with effd37625813 (tryton-env)09:10
semariebut we might not using the same modules09:10
mrichezsemarie: indeed, will retry with fresh install (but got same problem on 2 different installations)10:10
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mrichezhi, following previous discussion, i'm retrying on a fresh install 5.3 dev,... activating country and currency modules... executing first script to import countries, got this error:
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pokolimrichez: You should report this as a bug11:10
mrichezpokoli: ok11:10
pokolimrichez: it will be great to know which pycountry version you have installed11:10
mrichezpokoli: pycountry 19.8.1811:10
pokolimrichez: have you tested with previous pycountry version?11:10
mrichezpokoli: no11:10
pokolimrichez: as it seems that the problem is data related (but probably the script should not fail in such case), using the previous version may fix the issue11:10
mrichezsemarie: and concerning my previous problem with query blocked, it is solved after a "Synchronize Translations"11:10
mrichezpokoli: will retry with a previous version11:10
pokoliACTION checking with an older version11:10
pokolimrichez: no error with pycountry==18.5.2611:10
mrichezpokoli: ok, will check with 19.7.1511:10
mrichezpokoli: still not working with 19.7.1511:10
mrichezpokoli: another error with 18.12.8 :
mrichezpokoli: same error with 18.5.26 :   but maybe because i've already executed script ???11:10
pokolimrichez: this context error is strang and it should no happen11:10
pokolimrichez: I tested creating a new database with only country module and executing the script11:10
mrichezpokoli: will scratch my db and retry11:10
mrichezpokoli: working on fresh database with 18.5.2612:10
mrichezpokoli: working on fresh database with 18.12.812:10
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mrichezpokoli: error on fresh database with 19.7.15 :
cedkit should be fixed with
cedkpycountry has a strange management of parent_code and new version has more sub-subdivisions12:10
mrichezcedk: ok thanks :-)12:10
cedkindeed what happens is that pycountry append in parent_code always the country code but on the second level of the tree the country code is added twice12:10
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mrichezcedk: working with patch with pycountry 19.7.1513:10
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sebstecedk: Good evening! You there?17:10
pokolisebste: good evening, I'm hereee :)17:10
sebstepokoli: Oh, hi! That's also awesome! :-D17:10
sebsteNot sure if you followed the discussion last time... cedk suggested to rename the _temp_month column ....17:10
sebstein account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta17:10
pokolisebste: yes, I've read it and I remember17:10
sebsteappearently trytond-admin did not finish the update17:10
sebsteSo I managed to do that.17:10
sebsteWhen I rerun trytond-admin -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d /home/tryton_sys/tryton5_lcc_db --all I run into another problem (maybe the initial one17:10
sebsteIt fails with: sqlite3.OperationalError: index account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta__history_id_index already exists17:10
sebsteAfter that, the same _temp_mont column is bach in the schema17:10
sebsteany pointers on how to chase such a failing update down? Problem is I don't even understand how trytond-admin does these db updates17:10
sebsteor where to start looking17:10
pokolimmm it seems that it fails when creating an index on hte __history table17:10
pokolithe __history table is there to save all the modifications done to the payment_term_line_delta table17:10
pokolisebste: probably manually removing the index (and the temp column) should fix it17:10
sebstepokoli: ok? so how would i remove the index?17:10
sebstepokoli: sorry for bothering you with probably basic questions.17:10
sebstepokoli: so basically :DROP INDEX account_invoice_payment_term_line_delta__history_id_index; ?17:10
pokolipokoli: drop the index, drop the column and execute tryton-admin another time17:10
pokolisebste: tryton-admin checks the database structure and creates the missing fields, executes migrations and so one17:10
sebstepokoli: thanks. That worked!!! You are awesome!17:10
pokolisebste: indeed you did all the work which was finding the root cause of the problem17:10
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sebstepokoli: yea, but I dod not know what I lokked at :-D17:10
sebsteBy the way... can I ask another question? What would be the proper way to switch from minimal chart of accounts to another one like say SKR03?17:10
pokolisebste: indeed your case is very strange17:10
pokolisebste: you can install the new module and then create the new chart of accounts17:10
pokolisebste: you will get a warning about a duplicate chat but you can ingnore it17:10
pokolisebste: and then it's a mather of removing the miniaml account data17:10
pokolisebste: did you have any account_moves on the system?17:10
sebsteyes, for testing, generated by invoices, i guess, but nothing relevant17:10
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pokolisebste: if you only have testing data probably it's worth to remove the database and start with a fresh one17:10
pokolisebste: in this case you can also switch from sqlite to postgresql17:10
sebstepokoli: yes, I was thinking about that... thing is I already invested in a lot of configuration / translation which I would have to redo. If there is a way around that I would not be angy.17:10
sebsteWas also thinking of migrating the existing db to postgresql. Though I like the lightness of sqlite and performance will not be an issue.17:10
pokolisebste: we have  a script to migrate from sqlite to postgresql:
pokolisebste: but i've never used it17:10
pokolisebste: if you want to keep the existing data is a mather of removing the data from the invoices, accounting, and all the chart configuration17:10
pokolisebste: there are some models that should be deleted17:10
sebstepokoli: Oh, that's cool! I'll have a look, thanks17:10
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