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sebsteGood day, all!13:17
sebsteI am playing a bit with reports for a lable printer. I want to generate a document with a page for each record that is selected. So I want to insert a page break at the end ot my loop if there is a record afterwards. Is there a simple and elegant way in the template to test if there is another record? Something like a "hasnext" function or so?13:21
cedksebste: insert in Office a page break at the beginning of the loop13:22
sebstecedk: thank you very much. I tried that, but it leaves me with a blank first page, which results in an empty lable.13:24
cedksebste: it should not so I guess the break is not correctly put13:27
sebstecedk: I had put it right after <for each="party in records">13:30
cedksebste: almost all Tryton report are designed this way13:32
sebstecedk: alright, thanks, then I wil investigate a little further where I screwed up.13:33
sebstecedk: btw, I was watching your unconference new features demo on YT. It was one of the most helpful things to understand a lot of tryton concepts so far ;-)13:35
cedksebste: good to know that it helps13:36
mrichezhi, in xml view with colspan=4, is there a way to have a blank space and then a label and field (so having label and field aligned on the right instead on the left)13:45
cedkmrichez: put an empty label13:57
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mrichezcedk: ok thanks!14:00
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pokolisebste: I remember solving your pagination case by using enumaret and records and including the page break only if i > 015:10
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sebstepokoli: That is what I was looking for, thanks! Funny thin is, In the meantime I got it to work with the pagebreak at the beginning of the loop. But I don't really know why, as it is hard to see in libreoffice.15:21
pokolisebste: IIRC there was an option to show line breaks in libreoffice15:51
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sebstepokoli: yes, apparently it is important where I put it and if there is alinepreak before or after, which is not shown differently. I seem to get along now.16:11
sebsteIs there any info to read somewhere on how pricelists work?16:19
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cedksebste: we have only
sebstecedk: yes, that was what I found. Not too comprehensive, though. I am struggling to enter a price in the product_price_list there is only a field for a formula to calculate it from unit_price, I guess (is that the listprice of the product?). I was wondering if I could just enter a numeric value...16:41
cedksebste: yes you can enter numeric value and even python formula16:48
cedksebste: e.g. unit_price * 0.916:48
cedkto give 10% reduction16:48
cedksebste: if you have ideas to improve the document, patch is welcomed:
sebsteYes, good idea. I look into it. Still struggle to understand everything.17:03
sebsteI what form would that patch have to be?17:04
sebsteor is it documented directely in the sourccode?17:05
cedksebste: it can be improving doc/index.rst or add missing help text17:08

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