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The infrastructure powering Tryton is provided by the Foundation. Donation is the only way for the Foundation to be funded.


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Tryton is a volunteer-driven project. We rely on the community members to help others. Join the forum or IRC channels and start helping.

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If you encounter any issues, then let us know about them. Reporting bugs and issues that have not already been reported helps us maintain our high quality level.

warning If it is a security issue, be careful to correctly check the confidential checkbox.
This way, the issue will only be visible to the team until its release.

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Developers can propose changes to fix issues, add new features or improve the software and documentation. You can get started by solving some issues that are marked as easy.

How to develop


Tryton does not speak your language yet? You’ve found a typo in the translation? Get translating! We use a server to share the translation effort and the bug tracker to request new language. Translation terms are updated on a monthly basis.

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Propose Changes

Large changes and sizable features must first be discussed with the community so a consensus can be reached.

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