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mrichezhi, running tests on a custom module, got an error on xml file... is there a way to know which xml file ? Here's the errror log:
pokolimrichez: skiptest is a valid attribute, it seems the validation files are missing this attribute11:10
pokolimrichez: could you please fill a bug?11:10
mrichezpokoli: ok11:10
mrichezpokoli: would nice to know which file is faulty when doing tests... i've to search on the attribute (and luckily, it's used once)11:10
pokolimrichez: the promel is that xmlvalidatior does not know about the file11:10
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mrichezpokoli: in the file, just before validator , there's a file_open, so if return value of validator is false we could display erroneus filename ?11:10
mrichezpokoli: bug created:
pokolimrichez: following the discussion of the issue could you explain with data are you loading with xml and skiptest?13:10
mrichezpokoli: just disabled useless uom13:10
mrichezpokoli: also used with a custom module incoterm to set default incoterms13:10
pokolimrichez: for both cases using noupdate="1" is enough13:10
mrichezpokoli: ok, so skiptest seems useless to us13:10
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