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wifasoiHi, I noticed that in the "income statement" reporting seams to be broken in account module==5.2.3 (and seams event the module before that)... the problem is that i cannot visualize the tree of account.. is seams that "["parent.statement","=",null]" is missing from the view domain12:19
wifasoiis this a bug, or a "feature" (and maybe my custom account template module is not correct)12:20
wifasoiif i add the "["parent.statement","=",null]" manulli it semas that the view works as inteded12:20
wifasoi(if this is not by design i'll create a bug in the trackr and summit a patch)12:21
pokoliwifasoi: i think we already fixed that12:22
wifasoiok, so ohh thanks, sorry if i bother you .)12:22
pokoliwifasoi: which chart of accounts are you using?12:22
pokoliwifasoi: the problem is that the fix can not be backported and the chart should be updated12:23
wifasoiis a custom one: (branch tryton 5.2)12:23
wifasoiI'll try to learn the fix for the issue. Than you very much12:25
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wifasoimmm, I still don't understand... what is the rule, so i can have a account on the income statement view?12:52
wifasoimmm, maybe the parent account type must be statement=balance if it has children?13:07
wifasoiyep i thin it was that.13:09
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miketxHi, I've been looking around for a module that I could use for a custom product business. I don't want to define a new product every time I get a new order. I would like something that will allow me to specify the type of material it's made from and maybe some dimensions and other properties. Later, the process would go through manufacturing and installation. Is there any customizable product module? Would one of the15:57
miketx production modules allow me to assign tasks to different roles (manufacturer, installer, etc?)15:57
Timitosmiketx: i think it would be good for you to create topic on
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cedkmiketx: sounds like a product configuration on sale order17:04
cedkmiketx: I'm not aware of anyone having done such module17:05
miketxThank you guys, I'll look into how I can put something together. Would this be the right channel as far as module development questions or would be a better place?17:08
cedkmiketx: if you want to make a module to be included in standard Tryton, you must follow
miketxcedk: How would I decide whether it should be included in standard Tryton versus just something separate?17:14
cedkmiketx: I do not know but inclusion in Tryton requires to follow the procedure17:25
cedkoften people who does not start with the procedure fail later to put their developemnt in Tryton because consensus can not be found on existing design17:25
miketxThanks. That's a good point. And it's faster to fix the code before it's written :)17:37
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