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mrichezhi, in module sale_product_customer (purchase_product_customer too), when we clear product, product_customer field keep the value : , wouldn't better to add self.product_customer = None before return ???10:10
pokolimrichez: it sounds like a good new feature10:10
cedkmrichez: I do not think so, the product customer could still be valid if the user just want to change variant11:10
mrichezcedk: but in this case, on_change_product is executed, and product_customer value updated even if there's already a value... It just seems strange to see a value when you clear product11:10
cedkmrichez: no it will not be changed if the product customer is valid11:10
mrichezcedk: ok...11:10
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mrichezhi, how to format a date with relatorio ? format_date function has only 2 parameters: value and lang... how to define a date with this format ' DD name of month YYYY' ? define a new function?14:10
cedkmrichez: in trunk, we added format as optional argument14:10
mrichezcedk: :-) thanks !14:10
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andrespolitihi, if you have a docker swarm running tryton, how do you manage the database update?15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: you should update it using trytond-admin15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: it can be run on a separate container linked to the same database container15:10
andrespoliticould it be automated in each deploy?15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: yes, you should lunch a separate service that runs the udate and then it keeps sleep15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: you can use the following command: trytond-admin -d <db> --all --activate-dependencies -vv && tail -f /dev/null15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: the tail -f /dev/nulll is to keep the service up, so it is not automatically restarted by docker-swap15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: that's what we use on docker compose15:10
andrespolitipokoli: great, we will try that, thank you15:10
pokoliandrespoliti: have a look at the following TUM2019 chart:
mrichezin relatorio, in need to bypass some lines in a loop "FOR" so i add a block IF TEST just after, then all my data's to display and after </IF></FOR>, i get this error "No common ancestor found for opening and closing tag"15:10
mrichezproblem solved, my block was in a table and i need to write each instruction in a different row ...15:10
pokolimrichez: there is some if or for tags that does not have it's corresponding /if or /for15:10
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