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mrichezhi, when doing test on a custom code:    got this error AssertionError: Missing "_parent_sale" in "sale.amendment"."customer"."on_change_with"    ... Don't understand why i should have a "_parent_sale" ?08:26
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pokolimrichez: since version 5.4 we ensure that on_change work also from One2Many fields (where _parent_ is used)08:40
pokolimrichez: so as you should add '' as depends, so when used in a One2Many relation the party field is correctly updated on the clients08:41
mrichezpokoli: ok, thanks for explanation :-)08:43
mrichezpokoli: now got this error : AssertionError: Invalid empty "_parent_sale" in "sale.amendment"."customer"."on_change_with"08:44
mrichezoups forgot party :-)08:44
pokolimrichez: did you add ''? or what you added?08:44
mrichezpokoli: indeed i forgot party08:45
mrichezpokoli: working now08:45
mrichezanother question concerning extras_depend... in a custom module sale_amendment is an extra depend, sale is a depend... i wish to update amendments field which is in sale model when using sale_amendment... so unless to switch sale_amendment from extras_depend, i get an error as amendments field doesn't exists. How to do this properly?08:49
cedkmrichez: your custom module must depend on sale08:52
mrichezcedk: is in the depends... sale_amendment in extras_depend... but my custo concern amendments field in sale module...08:55
mrichezcedk i have another file ... with the customization  and register this file in with sale_amendment as depends08:56
mrichezcedk: sorry i mean should i have another file sale2.py08:56
mrichezcedk: something like this :
cedkmrichez: I guess your code is depending on sale_amendment in some way09:09
mrichezcedk: yes in some way... i'm just changing field visibility state... but this field is created by the module sale_amendment which is extras_depend... my problem is solved moving from extras_depend to depend....09:14
mrichezcedk: but having another file with same model as extras_depend like in my paste would be a solution ?09:15
scrapperHi folks, sorry for the noise but could need some help with PYSON Statement. I have a working Trigger Condition ["self.state", "=", "posted"] (Module: notification_email) thats fine! But what i try to achieve now is to extend that Trigger Condition with logical AND. Multiple trial and error of mine: please have a look at
cedkmrichez: normally yes09:18
mrichezcedk: ok :-)09:18
pokoliscrapper: try4 is what is looks better good to my09:18
pokoliscrapper: pyson has the And operation which should be used to build the logical and. For example: And(condition1, condition2)09:19
pokoliscrapper: take in account that both conditions should return a boolean type09:19
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cedkscrapper: it should be: (Eval('self', {}).get('layout_style') == 'layoutStyleTwo') & (Eval('self', {}).get('state') == 'posted')09:23
scrappercedk: Error "Condition" is required. image tells more than words
scrapperpokoli: thanks for your hints, but no luck until now.09:32
cedkscrapper: from sao, you can not use the "operators" so it should be:09:36
cedkAnd(Equal(Eval('self', {}).get('layout_style'), 'layoutStyleTwo'), Eval('self', {}).get('state') == 'posted')09:36
scrappercedk: I test and report back, but thank you already SAO was not able exactly as you said to save that data... but tryton-client is working fine.09:46
cedkthat's because in JS we can not override operators like in Python09:48
scrappercedk: sure, now i do understand the cause of this case. Thank you very much!09:51
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