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sisalppokoli: back to yesterday exchange : for example with chorus-pro invoicing (french administration process), all customers in category "government" would be concerned. Same for payment terms and payment methods, just a guess.09:47
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pokolisisalp: for chorus it's a simple boolean on the party, so which will be the benefit of setting the boolean by a category?10:46
pokolisisalp: also if using categories you will need to create a category for all combination o f payment terms, methods, accounts and so on10:46
pokoliwhich for me is more complex that current aproach10:46
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udonohi, does someone know if there is a how-to build OSX cient for Python3 and GTK3 available?16:13
udonoI searched but can't find it.16:14
cedkudono: the only point to make it distributable is to build brew dependencies with --force-bottle option16:19
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udonocedk: Thanks20:13
udonocedk: and you don't use or jhbuild anymore? Iam a little struggle, because here they write   If you have HomeBrew […] installed, you must remove all traces of them from  your environment before you try to run jhbuild.20:33
cedkudono: I use only homebrew20:46
udonook, so I will try with the make-darwin-installer.sh20:47

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