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JanGBpossibly Im09:01
JanGBpossibly I'm missing something: We have party_required on accounts. I there a view to see the amounts aggregated by party in general ledger?09:01
JanGBI saw - but this discussion is not finished09:01
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JanGBeverything there - so it is mostly a view with a filter i will implement by my own10:01
sisalppokoli: sorry for the delay I add in this exchange. I think the main point would be to separate roles better. For me, invoice instructions should be managed with accounting role.10:01
sisalppokoli: and if you have many combinations, it means party creation is complex and subject to errors.10:01
sisalppokoli: in my case, it is important I differentiate state-owned schools from private schools. Sale process, invoicing, and payment, all differ for these two kinds.10:01
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udonoHi, I try to create an OS X Client. I did it this way: in the last step sh I get an error: Does sombody know a. if some paths have moved or b. did I miss something in my installation?12:01
cedkudono: I guess you are missing Atk12:01
udonocedk: but it is installed: brew install python PyGObject3 atk ...12:01
cedkudono: probably not the gir13:01
cedkudono: Indeed I have this in ".pythonrc":13:01
cedkimport sys13:01
cedksys.prefix = '/usr/local'13:01
udonoI put it in ~/-pythonrc and export the URI to PYTHONSTARTUP but doesn't change the error13:01
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cedkudono: it is ~/ that loads14:01
udonoYes, I found out, but all the paths have changed.14:01
udonothe required gi namespace (from seems no longer collected under /usr/local/Cellar/python/3.7.6_1/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/share/gir-1.0/ . The *.gir files are in separated locations...14:01
udonoouch, it is the wrong prefix14:01
udonoyay, works!14:01
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udonoThe dmg is created, but the crashes on start: Any idea how to debug this?16:01
udonoI'll try to compare with the official build, I guess Iam missing some dependencies...16:01
cedkudono: only when bundled?16:01
udonothe pip installed tryton works16:01
udonocedk: Iam missing stuff like
cedkudono: starting with DYLD_PRINT_APIS="1" DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES="1" often provide more information16:01
udonoIll try later. cedk Thanks a lot,  so far!16:01
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