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sebsteGood afternoon! Got a quick question: In Tryton GTK Client 5.2, If I want to send a Document by Email, the {$to} Variable does not seem to be handed over to the Email client. Am I doing something wrong here? The Email Address is marked as "invoice" in the party and my commandline in the client is set to "kmail --composer ${to} --subject ${subject}  --attach ${attachment}" . Anything else I can check? The {$to} variable is simply not sent from15:36
sebsteTryton - I checked by sending the arguments to a test script.15:36
cedksebste: the report action must be configured with the "email" field15:38
sebstecedk: Ok? Thanks. Any suggestions how I would do that?15:40
cedksebste: the field must be Python dict which can use PYSON expression15:47
cedksebste: you will need the email address as a field on model15:47
cedkbut we know that it is not a good feature, there is a proposal for a better one:
sebstecedk: I dont even know where ot put it / what record to edit :-(15:48
pokolisebste: on Adminsitration -> User Interface -> Actions -> Reports, you should search for your Report and set the email field15:52
sebstepokoli: Thanks, I found the email field in the report. So basically I need to put in something like ""?15:56
Timitossebste: something like this: {'to': Eval('email')}. the email field must be on the model where you are generating the report16:00
sebsteTimitos: Thank you! I put in {'to': Eval('', '')} (it is a sale report.) That does not work, though. Is there a way to browse fields in tryton (I used the csv Export, but that only shows the transdlated labels and not the field names.16:15
sebsteEven when I put {'to': ''} in the reports email field it does not get send to the commandline16:17
Timitoswhich report are you testing with?16:25
sebstesale with custom ODT Template.16:25 is not working as pyson does not support dot-notation16:38
Timitosyou should add a function field to determin the email address16:39
pokoliTimitos: IIRC we added support for dot-notation on pyson eval on latest versions16:39
Timitosoh. i missed that. thx16:40
pokoliIt's available since version 5.416:40
pokolisebste: which tryton version are you using?16:40
sebstepokoli: 5.2 - sorry had to go afk17:13
sebsteso is there a "standard" value for the field for - let's say an invoice report, from which I can do my adaptations for the other reports? From what I gathered they wor mostly similar, right? The other thing is, that even the plain text example suggested in thte tool tip does not seem to work.17:17
pokolisebste: on 5.4+ series you can use Eval('') for most of the common modules17:22
pokolisebste: but for customer shipments you should use Eval('')17:22
pokolisebste: so there is no solution that work for all ases17:23
pokolisebste: but for me the way to go is the new feature that cedric proposed17:25
sebstepokoli: that means, that currently there is no way for me to get this working in 5.2, right? Even if I just put some text in (as in the tool tip example), it is not handed over to the commandline. So I suspect the problem is somewhere else.17:26
pokolisebste: on 5.2 the only way is adding a functional field that returns the email of party and use this field on the Eval definition21:01

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