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mathesishi all17:03
mathesiswhat distribution linux is recommend to install tryton current version?17:03
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cedkmathesis: there is no recommandation18:03
mathesiscedk: what is you enviroment to develop?19:03
cedkmathesis: virtualenv19:03
mathesisand operating system?19:03
cedkmathesis: Gentoo19:03
cedkmathesis: but this is not a recommendation, use your preferred distro19:03
mathesiscedk: ok, thanks you.19:03
mathesiscedk: mac os catalina is support?20:03
mathesiscedk: mac os catalina is support to install trytond?20:03
cedkmathesis: as long as you can have a recent Python version20:03
cedkmathesis: and if you can setup PostgreSQL on it20:03
cedkmathesis: there is nothing specific to OS in Tryton20:03
semariehere, I am using OpenBSD for example (to confirm the "nothing specific to OS")20:03
mathesissemarie: i want try with OpenBSD!!!20:03
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