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semarieI just found that analytic lines has date set to move.post_date when analytic is set from rules. shouldn't be instead ?09:16
semariewith that, I have expense from one fiscal year recorded in analytic in next fiscal year09:18
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cedksemarie: I guess it was because the analytic lines are created when posting the move09:34
cedkbut this sounds more logic to record analytic at the effective date of the move09:35
semariecedk: the code explicitly use the post_date: entry.get_analytic_lines(line, line.move.post_date))09:35
semarieI opened an issue09:36
semarie(in analytic_account, file, line 239)09:36
pokolisemarie: for me it makes sense to use, could you please submit a patch? ;)09:47
semariepokoli: just done09:47
semarie +
pokolisemarie: great. Thanks!!09:48
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semariedoes it would make sens to have a button to re-apply rules on AnalyticLines ?15:12
pokolisemarie: do you think so?15:37
pokolisemarie: what will have changed in order to re-apply the rules?15:37
semariepokoli: to be able to add rules after the fact, so MoveLine without AnalyticLines could have reconsidered15:39
cedksemarie: the rules are skipped as soon as the line has any analytic15:43
cedkalso I do not think we should try to fill the history with analytic15:43
semarieyes. but what I want to do is to have a way to add analytic on already posted moves15:43
semarie*already posted moves, where there is no analytic15:44
cedkso with analytic state as draft?15:45
cedkI would say why not.15:46
semarieI am unsure to properly understand analytic state ...15:47
semarieit would be for lines waiting in the form "analytic lines to complete"15:47
semarieACTION is unsure of the exact name in english language15:48
semarieyes, it is that "Analytic Lines to Complete"15:48
semarieso according to the domain, it is for 'draft' state15:49
pokolisemarie: It will make sense to execute it from the list of analytic lines to complete15:52
pokolisemarie: which filters on analytic_state == 'draft'15:52
semariethanks. I will take a look at it. the complex part for me will be to have a button on the ui15:54
cedkpokoli: will you commit even if you are no more assigned?15:54
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pokolicedk: yes, i will take care16:11
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