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Timitoscedk: why didn't you use a b2ck prefix for the twilio module as you recommend for third party modules?10:54
pokoliTimitos: it's not a third party module, but a Tryton addon like flask-tryton11:00
Timitosah ok. thx pokoli11:23
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semarieI am trying to query the database efficiently, to found records of AnalyticLine with 'date' != ''. I am trying to use pyson, but it seems to not work12:01
semarieI tried with:[('date', '!=', Eval(''))])12:01
semariethe error is: TypeError: an integer is required (got type Eval)12:01
semarieI have a workaround in python (query all records, and compare in python), but it is relatively inefficient :)12:02
pokolisemarie: you can not use Eval on search12:16
pokolisemarie: you should give a python value12:16
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pokolisemarie: but in your case you need to write an sql query to compare both values12:23
semariepokoli: so there is a documentation bug :) . search() (for ModelStorage or ModelSQL) are documented to take a domain as defined in topics-domain (which could be pyson value)12:36
semariebut thanks for the tip12:38
pokolisemarie: it is correct but pyson is only evaluated at client side13:03
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