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davemc_So, I have Tryton sucessfully installed and running, clean install on Debian 10 (with help from semarie couple of nights ago10:06
davemc_However I only have the :ir and :res modules10:06
davemc_  usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/trytond-5.7.dev0-py3.7.egg/trytond/modules/10:06
davemc_is full of modules10:06
davemc_ usr/local/bin/trytond-admin --config /etc/tryton/trytond.conf --database trytontest --logconf /etc/tryton/logging.conf --update-modules-list10:06
davemc_only processes modules :ir and :res10:06
davemc_Any tips on how to nudge the installed modules into life?10:06
cedkdavemc_: I guess your modules directory is not actually from the trytond running10:06
davemc_hrm, how would I diagnose that?10:06
davemc_trytond is running from /usr/local/bin, where the install step python3 install  put it10:06
cedkdavemc_: the path where the script is installed does not tell anything about the PYTHONPATH used to find modules11:06
davemc_Ahh. Ok, thanks for the pointer, I'll dig into PYTHONPATH.  I haven't done anything in install steps to configure it.11:06
cedkdavemc_: common mistake is to have trytond packages installed11:06
davemc_Thanks for tip. No, I trashed a container that was mangled that way. This should be a clean install no packages.11:06
cedkdavemc_: could you post the logging output?11:06
davemc_Ok, so on this page,
davemc_It says directory where the archive was unpacked, and run: python install11:06
davemc_Which I ran in the trytond directory11:06
davemc_Which successfully installed the trytond package11:06
davemc_but no modules11:06
davemc_So, it seems each module has a setup.py11:06
davemc_Are you supposed to run for every module?  This seems odd, or I don't get it11:06
cedkdavemc_: yes you have11:06
cedkdavemc_: but normally you do not install from repository but from packages11:06
cedkdavemc_: or you do not install and run from developmentsource11:06
cedkmixing both is the worse use case11:06
davemc_Was attempting to run from dev source11:06
davemc_So I can learn it11:06
davemc_and make changes if the learning is successful11:06
davemc_so, I don't need to do the bit11:06
davemc_since that is taking the downloaded source and turning into local installed packages?11:06
cedkdavemc_: so it is the third option (no install)11:06
davemc_So, I can run it direct from the tryton-env11:06
davemc_To be honest, I haven't been able to located a doc "Downloading & running tryton from development-source"11:06
davemc_And I'm not very skilled in Python, more in ERP software.11:06
davemc_Or, more succinctly, what's the command to start the trytond server from source?11:06
davemc_Something like   python3 <somepath> trytond/<some>.py  --config trytond.conf etc database logconf pidfile11:06
davemc_ok, found it11:06
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