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davemc_The value "en_US" for field "Language" in "Translation" is not one of the allowed options10:13
davemc_What would cause this? en language is installed.10:13
davemc_This is when trying to save a new Administration/Users/Groups10:15
cedkdavemc_: looks like you have configured a default language en_US which does not exist10:19
davemc_# The primary language, that is used to store entries in translatable10:20
davemc_# fields into the database.10:20
davemc_language = en_US10:20
davemc_Should this just be language = en  ?10:20
davemc_Or, when I try to add a new language, en_US, the "translateable" check box is disabled10:22
davemc_And the save dialog says "The default language must be translateable"10:22
davemc_Is there a lanuage setup guide doc anywhere?  This is a clean db out of the box10:23
cedkdavemc_: it should be one of the available language so en is the default if not set10:24
pokolidavemc_: yes this should be language = en10:24
pokolidavemc_: which version are you working on?10:24
pokolidavemc_: the language was en_US some versions ago10:24
davemc_ver 5.7  hg clone current head10:25
davemc_couldn't find a trytond.conf example anywhere10:25
davemc_so I used this one10:26
davemc_which had en_US10:26
davemc_so, I'll change that10:26
pokolidavemc_: there is no example, you should create one which the right value10:26
davemc_Sure, but I'm used to Debian space, where they give you a .conf with all the possible values, and you change what you want.10:26
davemc_Rather than <empty file>10:27
pokolidavemc_: IIRC the debian package has a default configuration file with everything commented out10:27
davemc_Oh, great. I'll dig up a copy of that too.10:28
davemc_I think I'll have to recreate the database too, since I put the lanugage in that10:28
davemc_I think I'll have to recreate the database as well,10:28
davemc_create database trytontest owner=tryhard encoding 'UTF8' LC_COLLATE = 'en_US.UTF-8' LC_CTYPE = 'en_US.UTF-8' TEMPLATE template0;10:28
davemc_and postgres doesn't like language change10:28
davemc_working enough to carry on with activiations, setting up currncy, party etc10:44
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davemc_Enjoying this so far, the web UI and general organisation is very logical10:48
davemc_So well done everyone here.10:48
pokolidavemc_: thank you so much11:00
pokolidavemc_: what do you plan to use tryton for?11:00
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