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mrichezHi, wondering the difference between updating cost price field on variant form or using the wizard "modify cost price"... I saw wizard keeps a revision, so wondering if the field cost price should e readonly on the variant form to force using the wizard ?07:23
cedkmanual editing can be lost when recomputing the cost price07:35
cedkwe can not make it readonly because we need to allow to edit the initial value07:36
mrichezcedk: indeed but now way to set the field readonly after initial saving ?07:39
cedkmrichez: we could still need to correct after saving07:41
mrichezcedk: in this case, better to use wizard, no ?07:42
cedkbut indeed there is a check that prevent to modify the field once there is a move07:42
mrichezcedk: saw the check... ok07:44
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mrichezhi, need some help about behavior on invoice between demo version and my test version... on demo version supplier invoice is generated automatically on order receipt... in my version, only invoice lines are created... i have to create a new invoice and then select correct invoice lines... is it caused by a specific module or configuration ? Don't remember... :-)11:31
mrichezi'm wondering if it is linked to module purchase_invoice_line_standalone but i just install this module on the demo and the behaviour stay unchanged...11:55
pokolimrichez: it is due to purchaes_invoice_line_standalone12:19
pokoliwhen the module is activated only supplier invoice lines are created (user should manually create the supplier invoice and pick the lines)12:19
pokoliThe behaviour is not changed for existing lines, only for new processed purchases after the module is activated12:20
mrichezpokoli: that's what i thought... but when activating module on the demo server... it keeps old behavior12:20
pokolimrichez: probably because the server is running a worker which is not realoaded so it's running the old code12:20
mrichezpokoli: ok... thanks for explanation :-)12:21
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