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Timitoshi there. did anybody build sao on dev lately? i get an error when executing grunt:
cedk4 days ago:
mrichezhi, i'm not sure of the behavior of method _sync_inventory_to_outgoing ( When doing "assign" on customer shipment, nothing is changed in outgoing moves (i'm using lot). Thought any changes in inventory_moves should be updated on outgoing_moves but this is not the case... Changes happens only when doing "Pack". Is it a bug or a normal behavior (in this case, i don't understand why calling this10:17
mrichezmethod on "Assign"). Thanks for explanations :-)10:17
pokoliTimitos: you should run npm install to install the new dependecies10:17
pokoliTimitos: and then you will be able to run grunt without problems10:17
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cedkmrichez: because from assigned, you can go back to waiting so we need to have an unchanged outgoing moves as template10:42
mrichezcedk: so why calling this method ?10:42
mrichezcedk: when using packaging module, you don't see corrects outgoing moves... as you can do packaging after "pack"10:46
cedkmrichez: of course you have to edit the outgoing move according to the packaging10:51
cedkbut you do not package moves in the same pattern as you pick them10:51
mrichezcedk: indeed but the choices you made when picking moves (changing quantity or product) may have consequences on the packaging... so they should be reflected on outgoing moves (or packing field should be under inventory moves ?)...10:56
cedkmrichez: no you describe what you packed11:02
mrichezcedk: ?11:03
mrichezcedk: when adding a package you have to choose outgoing move line... so it's better to have correct move, no ?11:05
cedkmrichez: it is not possible to know what is a correct move because we do not know what quantity the user is going to pack11:09
mrichezcedk: maybe, but having a move reflecting picked product and his quantity is a good starting point to know which package should be used..11:10
cedkmrichez: we can not change the quantity without loosing the ability to reset to waiting11:29
cedkmrichez: and it is not the system that says what to do but the user that says to the system what he did11:29
Timitospokoli: i even updated my node version and i still have the issue. i will dig into it11:32
pokoliTimitos: this is strange because I haced the same issue as your paste and fixed by installing new dependencies11:33
TimitosBTW: momentjs development has been stopped: it is a dependency of tempusdominus11:33
pokoliTimitos: you should ensure that bower isntall is run to install the new dependency11:33
Timitospokoli: i cloned the repository completely new today and did an npm install and then grunt and then i got the issue11:33
Timitospokoli: the dependency is in bower_components and despite that i have the error11:35
mrichezcedk: i understand.. but in case you've not enough product to complete an inventory move, the you split the line, and you select another similar product... how user will associate this "new line" to the package? ANother problem would be: you split your inventory lines in multiple lines with different lot numbers. How to know which lot you put in which package ? (because when creating package you 've still one stock move line without lot number)11:46
cedknew products are created11:47
cedkand lot are also created11:47
cedkbut maybe we could have an extra "picked" state11:48
mrichezcedk: no... when doing "Assign" nothing is created... this is done when doing "Pack" or there's something wrong in my Tryton version...11:49
mrichezmaybe i should create a discuss about that11:49
cedkbut frankly the UI of packaging was never intended to be used in tryton client11:50
mrichezcedk: yes... but we are doing tests following our process... and understanding some tryton processes... and so we are asking some questions about that... but we hope to use another app linked to tryton to do such process11:52
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