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mrichezhi, got an error on tryton gui tip version when creating new record on empty model: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id' (seems linked to issue9881)10:12
cedkmrichez: see issue993610:12
mrichezcedk: ok thanks10:12
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mrichezhi, need some help. I'm doing a validate to raise a warning if length of char field is longer than 20 chars. Here's my code :
mrichezWhen testing, with char field longer than  20 char, Warning message is looping when clicking "Yes". If i reduce field char length under 20 chars, then i save (no warning). Then if add characters for having a length > 20, Warning message is just displayed once.16:12
mrichezAny idea ? Thanks.16:12
cedkmrichez: if you are testing on SQLite, this could be because the same id is reused16:12
cedkit is not good to use id as key for a warning at creation (in general in validate)16:12
mrichezcedk: testing with postgresql. What do you suggest instead of id ?17:12
cedkmrichez: something else that identify uniquely the record17:12
cedkit is somehow related to issue558117:12
cedkI'm wondering if we could not have a flag to recongnize record created during the transaction to avoid using their id17:12
mrichezwould be nice17:12
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