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mrichezHi, back with my yesterday problem about warning on validate. I change the warning key (switch id with lot.number and lot.product). Still the warning loop on create. See video here:
cedkmrichez: maybe the validation happens twice09:15
cedkit may be good to delay the delete of record in Warning.check09:15
mrichezcedk: Will add a delay. Here's my code:
mrichezcedk: don't see another validation def... validation is looping at creation09:22
mrichezcedk: could it be linked on decorator on "write" ?
mrichezcedk: validate is called each time i click on "yes" in the Warning.09:39
cedkmrichez: validate must be called each time a record is modified09:43
cedkmrichez: but it could happen that the record is modified multiple times09:43
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mrichezcedk: i'll try with a new simple model with a validate and a warning to see if this warning loop happens in this case or if it's only linked to my stock.lot model09:47
mrichezcedk: without Warning, validate is called once. Clicking yes on Warning Popup could call validate again ?10:07
cedkmrichez: I do not understand10:08
mrichezcedk: i just remove the Warning test (lines 65-66-67) in my code : . So there's stil a "validate" but without warning message. I add a print in validate for debug. When i save my model, "validate" is just called once.10:11
mrichezIt seems when raising the warning, validate is called again after the "yes" on the popup warning10:12
cedkmrichez: yes it is normal10:15
mrichezcedk: ok, and how to exit the process to prevent to validate again ?10:18
cedkmrichez: you can not prevent the validation10:20
cedkmrichez: the warning should just be ignored10:20
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