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semariewhile updating my database (tip dd0bdb421dd6 2020-11-04 to tip cf4eef2dc73d 2021-01-02), when running trytond-admin I saw a convert WARNING related to stock module, "loading location.xml" : WARNING trytond.convert Field action of not updated (id: menu_location_form), because it has changed since the last update15:01
semarieit is a problem per se (not blocking), but as I don't remember to have changed menus, i am asking...15:01
semariedoes there is a way to revert any changes on such entry to go back in line ?15:01
cedksemarie: in Administration>Model>Date you can force a sync15:01
semariecedk: the problem is all records are in sync, but re-running trytond-admin makes it to still complains15:01
cedksemarie: this must be investigated, maybe the input data are not canonical so comparison fails15:01
semariefrom (stock)/location.xml : <menuitem parent="menu_configuration" sequence="10" action="act_location_form" id="menu_location_form"/>16:01
semariethe data from tryton client is (value "from fs"): [["action","ir.action.act_window,219"],["icon","tryton-list"],["name","Locations"],["parent",167],["sequence",10]]16:01
semarieand value "from db": [["action","ir.action.act_window,219"],["icon","tryton-list"],["name","Locations"],["parent",167],["sequence",10]]16:01
semarievalues "from db" and "from fs" are effectively the same16:01
semarie(visually checked first, and next pasted to sha1 to be sure)16:01
cedksemarie: the important is to check data compared where the warning is raised16:01
semariefield=ir.action.act_window,-1 expected=ir.action.act_window,21916:01
semarieI just added db_field and expected_value in the warning16:01
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