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LordVanjust wondering10:01
LordVanhow does everyone deal with names .. in regards to sorting / .. and generating reports ..10:01
LordVanmeaining I want to sort by the main company name (or surname if ti is a private customer)10:01
LordVanbut of course on the invoice /.. i want to address as <tilte> <first name> <last name>10:01
LordVanbut when I make internal reports (production documents I would want <last name>, <first name>10:01
LordVan(in case of private .. similar for some companies10:01
LordVanI was thinking it is probably best to have a seperate field like sort_name/internal_name or whatever I call it10:01
LordVanso internal docs and lists are sorted like that and use the normal name field for the "proper" salutation,..10:01
LordVan[on 2nd thought while typing .. I might do it the other way around but never mind either]10:01
LordVanis this a "good" way to solve this or are there better ways to do this in trton?10:01
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LordVanhow difficult is it to change the default search (for parties) to not just serach name, but other fields too? like I want it to include a "nickname" field too (we got customers with long names that have shortcuts that everyone uses,..)11:01
cedkLordVan: it is just about extending the search_rec_name method11:01
cedkLordVan: but you can already use the identifier to store nickname11:01
LordVanah hadn't thought about that one11:01
LordVanbtw (duno if you did see what I wrote before you (re-) joined. but just curious .. how do you usually handle things like first name, last name and using them in different orders (like internal use is sorted - and printed- by last name, but for invoices,.. you address differently)11:01
LordVando people usually just add another field for internal use and/or external reports?11:01
LordVanor does it make more sense to store first/last name seperate and have methods that generate the form needed?11:01
LordVancedk, actually what do you mean identifier? (as in wich property/db field) .. identifiers is tax code and stuff?11:01
LordVannm i think you mean code don'T you?11:01
LordVanactually never mind that last line .. code is something else11:01
cedkLordVan: firstname, lastname is a bad design because not everybody has such11:01
LordVanyes i know11:01
cedkLordVan: I suggest you to embrasse the single Name11:01
LordVanjust is very common in a lot of software11:01
cedkLordVan: a lot of software are wrong11:01
cedkor just European centric11:01
LordVaneurope/usa ;)11:01
LordVancedk, to be honest before we had that discussion last year or so i did some reading .. and realized just how bad a design it11:01
LordVanso I think what i will do is I will add a second name field for internal docs11:01
LordVanwhich will contain the name how we use it internally instead of the (legal) full name of the person or company11:01
LordVan[I personally wouldn't mind using the proper one allt he time, but I have to go with user/employee acceptance on that .. and people do not like changes usually .. especially not big ones or lots at once]11:01
cedkLordVan: you can still use an identifier for that11:01
LordVancedk, you mean make my own identifier type/class for that?11:01
LordVanlike eu_vat,.. but like internal_name ?11:01
LordVani think .. that might be .. weird from a workflow/understanding point of view for people to be honest11:01
LordVanis there any benefit in doing that as opposed to just making a new field?11:01
cedkLordVan: that's the goal of identifiers provide alternative ID11:01
LordVanhmm yeah I see what you mean11:01
LordVanI worry though .. having to go to identifiers, there add a new one and then find "Internal Name" int he dropdown to add it is not a very .. straightfoward workflow11:01
LordVanI could add that somehow in the main party "screen" to just show one specific identifier there with a box to enter the internal/alternative name .. but I think that would be more difficult than adding a field for little/no added benefit?11:01
LordVanalso any queries would add another join with identifiers since i want that to be included in the main search on the UI11:01
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LordVan[i doubt i will have any issues with performance because there are not a lot of users and only like 2k parties or so but still]11:01
LordVanI think I will add my own field for it .. since that is needed for nearly every single customer/party .. and going to have to add an identifier for everything is just going to be tedious on the end-user part11:01
LordVanthanks for the feedback though .. the idea with identifiers is interesting though might use that for something else11:01
LordVanimporting from dolibarr is not straightforward though ..there is a difference between parties and contacts ..(different way to handle contacts )11:01
LordVancedk, is there a way to link a parties contact_mechanism with specific addresses?11:01
LordVancedk, so that e.g. I do not import the employees of a company seperately as parties, but add them as a seperate address instead but link phone number/email?11:01
LordVan(i know i can put them there and add it as "name" for the contact_mechanism .. but I need to be able to match them for reports)11:01
LordVan[if that is not possible as-is I will probably just import all the company employees as parties too and use party_relationship to mark them as employees of that company11:01
LordVanunsure as to what is better11:01
LordVanusing addresses for employees would have the benefit of not having so many parties and also the UI is well suited for this. on the other hand having to create parties for each employee is extra (administrative) work ..11:01
LordVanI was thinking I could maybe implement something similar to user_role does (from a data Model point of view)12:01
LordVanand UI wise have a column added with a dropdown either below in the contact_mechanism section or at the top with the address where one can pick12:01
LordVan(importing it would be a bit of a pain though12:01
cedkLordVan: I can not answer, I do not know why you are storing the address of employees of customer companies12:01
LordVancedk, i do not need to store the address just names of the employiees13:01
LordVanbut i could "abuse" the address one to do that13:01
LordVanI need to somehow add the individual employees that we might need to contact about projects13:01
LordVanit would be making more sense (likely anyway) to add them as parties and use party_relationship13:01
LordVancedk, i was wondeirng .. would it be possible to maybe do some sort of voice call for a bit to clear up some of my questions on how to best do things? (of course i don't expect it for free)13:01
LordVan(should I have more questions that warrant it i mean)13:01
cedkLordVan: so for me it is a contact mechanism13:01
LordVancedk, I suppose you could put it like that ..13:01
LordVanin very rare cases I have various addresses for seperate customers (ie. sites for the company)13:01
LordVanbut those number so few it doesn't matter i guess13:01
cedkLordVan: so create multiple addresses13:01
LordVani just thought about it again too13:01
LordVanthe best way is to just add the employees as contact_mechanisms and in the few cases multiple addresses13:01
LordVanthat can then be matched manually13:01
cedkI still do not understand why you are mixing addresses and contact14:01
LordVanwell thinking about it .. in tryton i do not have to14:01
LordVanin dolibarr each contact had address, phone number,..14:01
LordVani was thinking in those ways still14:01
LordVanbut you are righ14:01
LordVanin 99% of the cases I have .. adding the employees to contact as contact_mechanism will be enough14:01
LordVanthe only (slight) pain is that an employee will have email, phone number maybe fax .. and i want all that is available printed on the report14:01
LordVanor is there a way to "group" contact_mechanisms ?14:01
cedkexcept by using a full party14:01
LordVanthat is what I thought14:01
LordVanso I have to decide if I use full party for all the contacts or if i create some way to group my contact_mechanisms14:01
LordVanbecause having the people who use it have to pick out all the relevant contact_mechanism when generating the (internal) report for production is not really an option14:01
cedkbut why would you need to group the contact mechanism, each is just one mechanism14:01
LordVanI need to print the phone number, email, fax,.. for each person on the reports14:01
LordVanin case there are qeustions about the order so that whoever has the qeustion has the details14:01
LordVan(I know in an ideal situation people would look it up in tryton .. but .. that is not going to happen)14:01
LordVan[to make it worse some people have multiple phone numbers too so .. I guess the only feasible way for me is to use a full party and party_relationship after all]14:01
LordVanand printing all contact_mechanisms for a party is not going to be feasible either for customers with more employees that order/are point of contact14:01
LordVanI will just have to use a full party for every contact. but thanks for the ideas .. but using contact_mechanisms would require me to do something to match stuff to a person,.. that is just way more (Development) effort than just creating full parties for everyone14:01
LordVanACTION goes to look for examples on how to attach notes to parties (for import purposes)14:01
LordVanhmm why can I not get the ir.note model?14:01
LordVanis that not possible in proteus?14:01
cedkLordVan: looks like the module user_role is not installed but it is registered in the database15:01
LordVanok i had installed that on a whim to test something15:01
cedkmainly the problem is that the model is still register in ir.model15:01
LordVanyes i reset my db to my "minimal testing state" anyway so the problem si gnoe15:01
LordVansince I haven't found it yet .. is there some XML dtd -- or exampel for the UI (for the XPATH expressions for views) .. ? - or a way to get it from the running instance?16:01
LordVan(considering themodular nature i do not really expect a DTD though ^^16:01
LordVanhmm how do I get/attach a note from/to a party?16:01
LordVanI can see how I get the party object when I have the note.. but the other way around .. eludes me16:01
LordVan(that is more of a curiousity thing since I only need to create notes for now - in case of import errors I dump the invalid data [possibly invalid formated phone numbers,..] in  notes ;)16:01
LordVanwhoever in dolibarr decided to export country names in french is a moron17:01
LordVangood that they export country codes too17:01
LordVanI have to say .. I love the automatic verification of contact mechanism and identifiers17:01
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