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LordVanjust wondering12:01
LordVanis there a way to increase the maximum phone number length? - i have some customers here with 4 digit company internal numbers that make it too long12:01
LordVan(for austria)12:01
LordVani couldn't find a setting .. --- or do i need to make my own validation function for it?12:01
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LordVanah .. phonenumbers module is seperate12:01
cedkLordVan: I guess the best is to fill an issue on if you have some valid number that are not validated by phonenumbers12:01
LordVancedk, yeah i will consdier that .. but for now i will put it in a note or something .. also so far the only one I encountered was one guy who no longer works at that company anyway so ...12:01
LordVani just realized one thing though .. if I create a contact_mechanism with it is automatically attached to the party .. so I would get the error again when saving the party despite having cought the exception before when I did try to save the contact mechanism. guess .delete() in the except: block is on order12:01
LordVanah .delete() doesn't seem to work and give me another error..12:01
LordVanI think I will not use .new() anymore but instead just create the object first and assign it after validation ;)12:01
cedkLordVan: of course .new attache to the parent but there is no reason to reuse this instance12:01
cedkACTION sign off from the forum for few days, too much pissed of12:01
pokolicedk: we will wait you when you come back from your forum holidays12:01
pokolibut we are just commenting if we can improve some process for Tryton12:01
pokolisorry if I bothered you with some of my comments, nothing personal from my side12:01
pokoliACTION bbl12:01
cedkI'm tired to be alone against every others, all the time!!!12:01
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LordVanIs there any way to quickly get to a related party from the party relation form ?14:01
LordVandouble click only opens the relation itself14:01
LordVanAlso .. is there an easy way to change which columns are displayed on the party list? - i assume it has to be done in a module somehow? (an example would be great as figuring out the correct xpath,.. for me is a bit difficult still)15:01
nicoeLordVan: xpath in tree views are usually easy: something like "/tree/field[@name='<field_name>']" but indeed with inheritance it could become more difficult especially in forms15:01
LordVannicoe, yeah .. I have no idea where to start iwth the columns of the party list ^^ but i will look into the party module xml,..15:01
LordVan(not somethign I need right now fortunately, but I will need it )15:01
LordVanis there an easy way to compare (the data) of two parties ?16:01
LordVan(I want to filter out some duplicate data which resulted from the way dolibarr handles these things)16:01
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LordVan(same for contact_mechanism and/or address)16:01
pokoliLordVan: there is a wizard to merge to duplicated parties into a single one16:01
LordVanpokoli, yes but .. I need to assign a value as well in the process16:01
LordVansince i am merging 2 tables from dolibarr into one table in tryton i need to keep both ids for one16:01
LordVanpokoli, also how do i run the wizard? i wanted to just have a look anyway16:01
LordVanon another note .. i'll find the source16:01
LordVanbut i don't find anything in .. is it another module or something?16:01
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