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LordVanI am just having a weird issue with my import script: I create some categories at the beginning of my script .. assign them later on10:42
LordVanbut when I try to assign a category to more than one party the 2nd time I get an Assertion error?10:43
LordVanit seems like this is "single use" ?10:46
LordVan- when I just get the category again every time it works just fine10:46
LordVanjust wondering as to why that is11:02
cedkLordVan: because proteus store information on the instance put in xxx2Many11:12
cedkso you have to put a new instance for each xxx2Many11:12
LordVancedk, ok that makes sense.. do I also have to do that in modules btw or just proteus?11:49
LordVanhmm is there no way on the GUI client to filter parties by category?11:51
cedkLordVan: it is not strictly required in trytond11:52
pokoliLordVan: dobule clicking on the party category tree will open all the parites of those category12:02
LordVanpokoli, ah thanks..12:03
pokoliLordVan: the product categories work the same way12:11
pokoliLordVan: I feel this is someway hidden to end users. Did you think there is an easier way to discover this feature?12:12
LordVanpokoli, well the obvious way to do this would be to add it to the search imho12:12
LordVanwhen you expand the search options12:13
LordVanadding a category filter there would be easy and more obvious to find imho12:13
pokoliLordVan: but currently the filters shows all the parties/products of all subcategories12:14
pokoliLordVan: adding on the form will lose this feature as it will only search on direct category of the record12:15
LordVanadd a checkbox to include subcategories?12:15
LordVanor just include subcategories by default if it has childs12:16
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JanGBHappy new year!12:32
JanGBcedk: I think the login attempt logic needs review - using an interface like in a webshop the ip is allways the same12:36
pokoliJanGB: happy neew year too!12:36
pokoliJanGB: did you have any proxys in front of your webapp?12:36
JanGBpokoli: yes12:37
pokoliJanGB: did you set ?12:37
JanGBpokoli: no - what does this?12:37
JanGBpokoli: will take a look12:38
pokoliJanGB: i assume the IP you see on the loging attempt is the one of the last proxy12:40
pokoliJanGB: this setups indicates trytond the number of proxy servers to correcly pick the IP of the user (and not the one of the proxy)12:41
JanGBpokoli: thanks a lot - did not know that. And only 300 wrong attempts last year shows the world isn't that bad :)12:43
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