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wifasoiHi, if I can stole a bit of your wisdom I have a question/idea. I want to create a widget (a hardware widget, no gui one :D) for cash payment of payable receivable lines (contex: association and paying membership fees). Should i use/extend the (in code review) sale point. Or should I extend the payment module?10:42
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wifasoiI wnt to report existing payable/receivable line, so I'm toward to extend the payable module.10:44
wifasoi*extend the payment module10:45
pokoliwifasoi: Not sure to understand what you need but it sounds like a custom solution11:22
pokoliwifasoi: the account_payment_stripe allows to open an URL (served from tryton itself) which asks the customer to enter the payment details11:23
wifasoiyep a custom solution11:24
pokoliwifasoi: does this work for you?11:24
wifasoithe ipotetical module is for cash paiments11:24
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: if you dont encode sales  or invoices (they already exists) than it is a payment11:26
wifasoiso make senso to create a custom module that extends account_payment (and add "cash register"[for example as a payment method)11:27
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: depends what is the legal requirement - you also can simple pay the invoice with the "Pay" button and choose the right journal11:28
wifasoiunfortunally "pay invoice" dosn't fit my requirements.11:29
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: In germany we must log every cash transaction immutable11:29
wifasoithis becouse i need to mark payed membership fees11:29
wifasoi(so no invoice)11:30
wifasoiThis is more like a for "treasury" management.11:33
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: ah - ok - now I understand11:33
wifasoi(yes I'm not good with words :D)11:33
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: me neither :)11:34
wifasoiRight now I do it by hand with a petty cash notebbok, and the account_statement module11:34
wifasoii wanth to kill the manual step :D11:35
wifasoiThe idea for the widget is to interface with the module, and send the esc/pos commands to the printer for a receipt and open the cash draw11:37
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: ok - but you can encode the statement line as well - and confirm it at the end of the day counting the money against the sum of the statement11:37
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: so sale_pos is also a way - since there are lines recorded11:38
wifasoiyes, you have a point there with creating a statement line11:39
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wifasoiI think I'll do that. And the account payment clearing should recoincile the lines for me. SO I think this i sthe solution11:50
wifasoi(thank for the idea)11:51
Hirschbeutelwifasoi: one of many :)11:52
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