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htgoebelI manages to implement a prototype for "delivery tour" (
htgoebelJust one think does not work as would like it to work:12:58
htgoebelWhen adding a "Station" to the list of "tours", this should show a search dialog so I can search existing "Stations" - much like when adding a Category to a Party.12:58
htgoebelI could not spot anything special in the resp. xml-and views-files.12:58
htgoebelAny hint?12:58
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pokolihtgoebel: I guess you are loking for a many2many field13:06
pokolihtgoebel: or a one2many field with many2many widget13:06
mrichezhi, how to generate a report directly in pdf ? I've installed libreoffice on server and changed extension of sale report to "Portable Document Format" (from Administration->UI->Actions->Reports) It still opens with libreoffice, should i add something in configuration file ?13:19
cedkmrichez: check the logs for error13:23
cedkmrichez: soffice may not be in the PATH13:23
htgoebelmrichez: To my experience you will only get a PDF for *new* reports. Existing ones will still be delivered as ODT.13:25
mrichezcedk: will check13:25
pokolihtgoebel: what do you understad as new reports?13:37
mrichezcedk: i had a problem with my soffice installation13:37
mrichezcedk: but still not working, got : Error: source file could not be loaded13:38
mrichez19364 140716251424512 [2021-03-10 13:36:36,653] ERROR fail to convert to pdf13:38
pokolimrichez: tryton saves the odt file in a temporary folder and calls soffice to perform the conversion on it13:50
mrichezpokoli: so it seems i have a problem with temporary folder13:51
pokolimrichez: in your case it seem the soffice fails to find the file13:51
mrichezpokoli: it is something that should be configured ?13:51
pokolimrichez: no, the file path is generated by trytond:
mrichezpokoli: indeed temp directory are there but empty13:54
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pokolimrichez: does the user running trytond have enought permissions to write on it?13:54
mrichezpokoli: will check13:55
mrichezpokoli: seems ok13:56
htgoebelpokoli: If I e.g. create an invoice *prior* to setting output extension to PDF, I'll get an ODT. Now when changing the output extension to PDF, I will still get an ODT for this invoice. PDFs are only generated for new invoices.14:01
htgoebelpokoli: This even happens when using the thick client and closing it between tries.14:01
htgoebelpokoli: This is what I experienced - anyhow, this might be server cache only.14:01
mrichezpokoli: got the error when lauching command in terminal14:02
mrichezpokoli: soffice --headless --convert-to pdf /tmp/trytond_9vso5ha7/delivery_note.fodt14:02
Timitoshtgoebel: this is because if you post an invoice the report gets stored in the filestore or in the database14:02
Timitosthe invoice gets stored on posting of the invoice14:03
htgoebeltimitos: This is what I assumed is happening14:03
pokolimrichez: could you save the file as odt and test soffice command with the path to the saved file?14:04
mrichezpokoli: same problem...14:09
pokolimrichez: which is the output of soffice?14:11
mrichezpokoli: Error: source file could not be loaded14:11
mrichezpokoli: will still investigate, should be a local problem not linked to tryton14:20
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mrichezpokoli: ok solved my problem, i made an install of libreoffice-core, because i don't need gui on server, but i need to install libreoffice-writer too14:26
mrichezeverything is ok now, thanks to all ! :-)14:27
pokolimrichez: you should install also calc, drand and impress if you use them as source document14:37
pokolimrichez: we have some tempaltes that are based on ods14:37
mrichezpokoli: i should install "libreoffice" even if i don't use gui, it would be easier :-)14:38
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htgoebelpokoli: Re. Deliver-Tours: Using Many2Many view did the trick. Anyhow I lost "sequence ordered"-handles in this view - both with o2m and m2m field.15:08
htgoebelpokoli: Any trick to get it back?15:08
htgoebelpokoli: (Partially) answered here:
cedkACTION never had so much difficulties to contribute to a project than gtk15:19
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pokolihtgoebel: if you want the sequence you need the intermediate model, so you will lose the possibility to add multiple records like we do on Many2Many15:21
pokolicedk: they have a more complex contribution proces than us?15:21
cedkpokoli: I think it is mainly because they use GitLab (probably worse than github)15:26
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htgoebelpokoli: I'm curious/confused: Which intermediate model?15:44
htgoebelWhen adding "sequence_ordered()" to a model, this model gets the sequence field. No intermediate model involved. Of course for many2many there is an intermediate model - which can not be sequenced since it has two directions.15:44
pokolihtgoebel: The intermediate model of the many2many field15:45
pokolihtgoebel: you can add a sequence there, but to show it on the client you will have to use a one2many widget15:46
pokolicedk: I tought gitlab workflow is the same as github :$15:46
pokoliwe use gitlab internally but we do not any of the git workflow15:46
htgoebelpokoli: Ah! This looks looks like it is solving my problem :-)15:53
htgoebelpokoli: Sadly it does not work: The sequence handles are there, but sequence is not saved :-(15:53
pokolihtgoebel: which widget/field are you using? Many2Many or One2Many?15:53
htgoebelpokoli: Field many2many, widget one2many - also tried wisdget many2many, but this does not even show the sequence-handles15:55
pokolihtgoebel: I do not think we support a many2many with one2many widget15:58
htgoebelpokoli: Beside of the seqnece it seams to work :-)15:59
pokolihtgoebel: why you need sequence?16:00
nicoehtgoebel: your O2M should point to the intermediate model. And yes it can be ordered.16:00
pokolinicoe: iiuc he wants a widget many2many not one2many16:00
nicoepokoli: than it's impossible16:01
pokolibut many2many does not allow to have a sequence. We may argue if this is something need at first tought I do not think so16:01
htgoebelpokoli: Since "Stations" on the "Tour" have to be approached in order :-)16:01
pokolihtgoebel: then you have to use a one2many field with a sequence on the relation/intermediate table16:02
pokolihtgoebel: using one2many will force you to have a many2one to the Station, so it will allow to search or create any record16:03
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htgoebelACTION accentailly closed the window :-( Now waiting for irclog to update16:06
htgoebelpokoli: I'll have another look at is the next days, when my timer permits. (Spare-time is up for today)16:18
htgoebelpokoli: Thx so far and have a nice evening16:18
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