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htgoebelGood Morning.08:51
htgoebelI still try to understand what nereid is and does.08:51
htgoebelIs this for implementing "User Applications" with more than just a single task?08:51
htgoebelDoes it interact with the business-layer or with the DB (just fetching the ORM from Tryton)?08:51
pokolihtgoebel: it is a suite to develop web aplications10:05
pokolihtgoebel: like flask-tryton but it includes more features as its also a tryton module10:05
pokolihtgoebel: not sure if its still maintaned, last release was for 4.0 sries:
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mrichezhi, need some help with a proteus script15:57
mrichezi activate some modules (party and a custom module). In the custom model, i add a char field on party. Then i'm adding data in party from a postgres db. Import is correctly done with name but my custom field stay null15:59
mrichezshould i refresh something between activation of module and the script which add data's ?16:00
mrichezi've checked the database, my custom field is correctly added in the party_party table16:01
mrichezok, found, my field was define with readonly='true', i thought it was only for the client16:13
pokolimrichez: proteus is a client, so it does not write readonly fields16:17
mrichezpokoli: ok :-) i'm using proteus to initialize tryton (activating modules, defining sequences, ...)  and importing some data's (party, products,... ) from our legacy programs16:19
pokolimrichez: we also use proteus to import data and faced the same issue16:21
pokolimrichez: here is a trick to allow saving readonly fields on proteus:
mrichezpokoli: excellent :-)16:21
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