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mrichezhi, got a model which become read access after setting a field to true. This field is only writable by admin group, how can i duplicate a record as non-admin user ? (got "you are not allowed to access field...."15:04
cedkmrichez: if the user can not create the record it can neither copy it15:04
mrichezcedk: user can create the record15:04
cedkmrichez: but if he can not read the source, it can not create the same15:04
mrichezcedk: user is allowed to read the source15:04
cedkmrichez: it does not seem as the message says it does not15:04
mrichezcedk: it's just on this specific field (even if i've set perm_read = True)15:04
mrichezcedk: here's my rule:
cedkmrichez: if he can not read a field, he can not copy its value15:04
mrichezcedk: but i set perm_read = 'True'15:04
cedkmrichez: the error message say differently16:04
mrichezcedk: indeed.. but don't know what's wrong16:04
mrichezcedk: field is on product.template, should i define also rules on product.product ?16:04
cedkmrichez: I do not know I do not have the full message nor the full information16:04
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cedkall I can say is restrict access is very complicated task16:04
cedkif you are not ready to loose functionnalities16:04
mrichezcedk: ok, i'll we make more tests16:04
cedkmrichez: but the error message should indicate exactly what is going wrong17:04
mrichezcedk: ok,17:04
mrichezcedk: it thought it was because i forgot to define a default value, but no... field is a checkbox, i test rule on False value, so i set False as default17:04
mrichezcedk: i will go on with my investigations :-)17:04
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