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LordVanI was just wondering13:46
LordVanWhen I have invoices with articles13:46
LordVanlinked to sale lines. what data gets duplicated for invoice purposes / sale purposes and what just linked?13:47
LordVanI did some tests but have not finished yet so i thought maybe someone happens to know13:47
LordVanbasically "historical" sale data / invoice data should be always what it was at point of sale/invoice ofc13:48
cedkLordVan: well only what is stored on the model14:04
LordVanof course yes. as I said i have not finished looking into it / testing yet14:06
LordVanbut doesn't that cause issues with historical records sometimes?14:06
pokoliLordVan: you have the full details. If the customer ordered 5 units at 10€ but finally paid just 9€ each you will see on the linked invoice14:17
LordVanpokoli, yes14:17
LordVanbut the product name is not copied from what i can see14:18
LordVanso technically speaking i could generate a report later - in case i lost the odt file and have something else on it14:18
LordVan[speaking of sale now not invoice]14:19
LordVan- at least if i was filling in the product name on my report14:20
LordVanI mean it's not a huge issue since most of the data i display on my reports so far are custom added fields anyway - which are duplicated from product -> sale_line14:25
pokoliLordVan: probably easier to cache the sale report also14:27
pokoliLordVan: if you need to generate exactly the same report14:27
LordVanpokoli, I wasn't aware you can cache a report.14:29
pokoliLordVan: that what the invoice model does with the invoice report14:29
LordVanah thanks I will look at that14:30
LordVan[after checking again if it is needed with my reports at the moment]14:30
LordVanquestion: If i add a new field to product and I add a default method to assign the default value .. is there a way to enforce all existing ones to get updated to have that default set ?15:09
LordVan[otherwise i just use trytond-console again to update all existing which is no issue either]15:16
cedkLordVan: new fields are created with a default value if there is one15:41
LordVancedk, ok thanks16:51
LordVani am having a strange issue17:41
LordVanI have a filed that is not shown on my form (SaleLine)  - meaning not even in the XML file at all .. I want some other fields to depend on the value of this for their readonly state17:41
LordVanbut it seems that it is ignored?17:42
LordVandoes eval,.. only work when it is in the xml file for the form too?17:42
LordVanok figured it out ..  it needs to be in the XML it seems18:14
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