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LordVani Was wondering15:03
LordVaneu_vat checkVIES .. would it be feasible to extend it to check if the actual party name (and maybe address) match with the returned data?15:03
LordVanI mean it seems simple enough15:05
LordVanand one other thing I just thought could be interesting .. creating a party based on the eu_VAT as it contains most data needed15:05
LordVanlike add identifier15:05
LordVanand have a wizard fill in the info returned if successful15:06
LordVanI could make this an extra module and make it publically availabe if there is interest15:06
cedkLordVan: it should be implemented following
cedkLordVan: for the name check it is not that easy, companies may have multiple names and you may not know the one registered15:52
LordVancedk, interesting15:53
LordVancedk, well the eu VAT numbeis unique though15:53
LordVanso in this case i am not sure15:53
LordVanif that approach is feasible UI wise15:53
LordVanwouldn't it be easier to add new party, go to Identifiers, add it and then have a wizard fetch the data ?15:53
LordVan[not suitable for batch of course]15:53
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