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LordVan_I just updated my client to 5.8.9 (from 5.8.7) and had an issue, where I couldn'T add a new contact mechanism -- unfortunately I did not save the exception it seems .. it was something about too many/too little values to unpack for ONe2MAny06:52
LordVan_after downgrade to 5.8.7 it works again.06:52
LordVan_is this already known ? (i have not found an issue) -- if not i can re-install 5.8.9 and provide the traceback06:53
pokoliLordVan_: we can do nothing without the exception nor the steps to reproduce it06:54
LordVan_pokoli, yeah i thought i had copied the exception^^06:54
LordVan_let me re-install the new one06:54
LordVan_steps are easy though: go to a party click add contact mechanism06:54
LordVan_let me try right now06:54
LordVan_I just thought I ask before uninstallin gand reinstalling the new one again06:55
pokoliLordVan_: please fill a bug with the steps to reproduce and the traceback06:56
LordVan_pokoli, yes . on it right now ;)06:56
mrichezhi, how update packages with pip to keep the same branch... i mean i've trytond 5.8 installed with 5.8 modules... how to upgrade to keep 5.8 version and not 6.0 ? Do you use a script ?06:57
pokolimrichez: pip install "trytond == 5.8.*"06:58
pokoliwith the --upgrade flag if you already have the packages06:59
mrichezpokoli: ok, thanks :-)06:59
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pokolimrichez: here is the script if you want to install/upgrade all the modules:
mrichezpokoli: that will help :-)07:01
LordVan_pokoli, i'D look into it myself, but i'm a little busy right now ^^07:02
LordVan_and i'm not sure if / how to use web mercurial to look at changes between 2 tags/changesets07:04
pokoliLordVan_: you will need to clone the repository to upload the changes, so don't use mercurial web but local one07:07
LordVan_cedk, regarding the issue i just submitted.. i read the linked/duplicate bug .. so i'd have to upgrade trytond before upgrading to 5.8.9 ?07:07
pokoliLordVan_: you can use bisect to test which changeset introduced the problem07:07
LordVan_pokoli, never used that tbh .. i was just looking into how to get a dif but cedk had already marked it a s duplicate of another bug which i think means i need to upgrade trytond as well07:08
LordVan_before using client 5.8.907:08
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pokoliLordVan_: I upgraded the server the issue is gone07:09
pokoliLordVan_: There is no reason to no upgrade all packages07:09
LordVan_pokoli, ok thanks . that's what i suspected..07:09
mrichezi met the same problem too :-)07:10
LordVan_is it generally recommended the server has the same version (or higher) than the client?07:10
LordVan_because now there are tryton and trytond version in the 5.8 series that are not compatible with each other07:10
pokoliLordVan_: server and client versions are unrelated07:10
LordVan_pokoli, well not for this bug ;)07:11
pokoliLordVan_: it is recomended to upgrade all components to latests patch version07:11
LordVan_yes of course07:11
LordVan_i just happened to download -latest and it was higher than the server version by coincidence07:11
LordVan_I wonder07:11
LordVan_if it would be a good idea to give a warning if connecting to a server of a different version maybe? [though i never had a problem before so it is probably overkill]07:12
pokoliLordVan_: wheren't you bussy? xDDDD07:12
pokoliLordVan_: there is no need of checking diferent versions, they are unreleated07:13
pokoliLordVan_: normally you won't find such kind of problems07:13
LordVan_and yes i am busy iw as waiting for 5.8.9 to uninstall to reinstall 5.8.7 ;)07:13
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semarieI am trying to generate a FEC (account_fr) and the report generation seems very long (lot more than usually)13:13
semariemy last export was 15 days ago13:14
semarieand today, it is still running since 2021-05-18 14:54:54.464548+0213:15
semarieprevious export should have been done using tip 56076335bdcf (~ version at 2021.03.26) and my current export is done using c6fca81997d5 (~ version at 2021.04.29)13:16
semariedoes it ring some bell to someone ?13:16
semariepython is at 99% cpu. debug log shows 1 or 2 SELECT /sec (which is really slow), and postgresql is mostly idle13:18
semarieso it finish after 45min13:50
pokolisemarie: who much lines it has the file?13:50
pokolisemarie: it seems there was some python computation that was slow13:51
semarie5658 lines13:51
pokolisemarie: that does not sound like a big number of lines to spen 45min generating them13:54
semarieI totally agree. it is why I am asking if it rings some bell here13:55
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pokolisemarie: the last select executed should give a clue about what is processing13:58
pokolisemarie: could you reproduce the export another time?13:58
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semariepokoli: generating the FEC is exporting the whole moveline for a particular fiscal year. the document has legal format for french authorities (it is a CSV-tabuled export)14:02
semarieI could reproduce the problem14:02
semarieI tried several times and the last one was done with trytond -vvv14:02
pokolisemarie: that should be usefull. Could you share the output of the command?14:03
pokolisemarie: did not now what the export was about but I read the code to understand what is exporting.14:03
pokoliAs far as it's just exporting plain fields it should not take more than 10seconds (even less)14:04
semariewell, usually it is more than 10 sec. maybe 1 min max. but not 45min as now14:05
pokolisemarie: probably because the balances export (which may be improved by using the model)14:06
pokolisemarie: there is which may improve such performance14:06
pokoliBut as the export is using a diferent query it should not affect14:07
pokolithe log should give a clue about the executed queries14:08
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