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lordvan_just wondering13:13
lordvan_is there an easy way to automatically trim whitespace on (specific) input fields when saving (like some parameter, or do I just have to overwrite the method?)13:14
lordvan_cedk, thanks i'll have a look .. gotta figure out how this codereview pages work exactly ;)13:27
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pokolilordvan_: there is a Download [raw] link which allows you to download the pathc and apply to the required repository14:10
pokolilordvan_: for this issue you can use the following command: curl | patch -p114:11
pokolilordvan_: this will apply the proposed patch on a tryton-env repository, so you should be able to test it14:11
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LordVanfrom a user (usability) point of view .. what is the best way (from your experience) for tryton users to add new products .. by adding a product or variant? i find both ways a bit .. roundabout if (nearly) every product has to have it's own tryton Product and Variant18:26
mrichezLordVan: for us, it's easier to add product (in our case 1 product has only 1 variant)19:12
LordVanyes that is the same for most of the products except the "placeholder/template" ones19:21
LordVanbut I added some fields to the variant19:21
LordVanand now i am not sure anymore if that was such a good choice .. ah well19:21
LordVanactually it is not that bad now that I think about it .. in fact it is fine like this ;) - I might look into imporving the workflow a bit, but it is dfinitely useable19:40
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