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LordVan_just a quick question06:04
LordVan_If i want to create new Products including a new Template (where the template will only have default values and the same name as the Product itself) is there a good way to do that already, or would I have to implement that myself?06:05
LordVan_[the reason I want to start with the PRoduct and not the Template is because there are fields in Product, but not in Template (for a good reason) that I need to fill in and for most products the template will just contain the same name and price 0.00 (to start with)06:06
pokoliLordVan_: do not understand your problem06:19
LordVan_i just was wondering about streamlining the process of adding products06:19
LordVan_cuz the user does not really care too much about Template/products (the only Templates that have more than 1 product are the "standard" / placeholder products06:20
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pokoliLordVan_: if you create the products from the main Product menu there is no need to care about the variants06:46
LordVan_pokoli, the thing is I need extra data entered in the variants not in the product06:46
LordVan_[it's not a big deal as I said .. just looking into streamlining it a bit]06:47
pokoliLordVan_: then you shoul dhave multiple variants so the user should care about it06:47
LordVan_i do have that but not for all06:47
LordVan_the most common case is 1 product + 1 variant06:47
pokoliLordVan_: so for this case you should not care about the variant attributes06:48
LordVan_pokoli, i do not understand why you say that .. those fields I am talking about .. are only on the variant not on the product06:49
LordVan_therefore cannot be filled in on the product itself but only variant06:49
LordVan_I did see no use in having it on boht06:49
LordVan_[except for entering new 1-1 (product-variant) entries]06:50
LordVan_I mean i suppose i could add it to the ProductTemplate too and have it read-only in the Product if it is entered in the template06:51
LordVan_but that would add a bit more complexity to it for my other code only to make entering new products more streamlined .. hmm06:51
LordVan_and those extra fields I have make no sense to me on the ProductTemplate but only on the Product itself06:52
pokoliLordVan_: sorry but I can not give any hint without understanding the problem you are trying to solve06:53
pokoliWhat I understand is that you added some fields on variant but do not see any reasoning to have it there and not on the template06:54
LordVan_I have fields on the variatn that i do not want/need on the template06:54
LordVan_but it would be nice to create the variant+template (with the same name as the variant and some default values) easily06:55
LordVan_in one go06:55
LordVan_to put (very) simply .. a button to add the template by copying the name from the variant and setting default values for tax group,..06:55
LordVan_cuz right now i hav eto go to create the variant and the template manually (or create it from the template side and then edit the variant ) - bot not very intiutive06:56
LordVan_[this is a bit .. difficult to explain here but would be super easy to show haha]06:57
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pokoliLordVan_: you are still not explaning the reasoning, sorry I can not give any advice to solve an unknown problem07:04
LordVan_pokoli, you mean why i have fields on the variant and not the product?07:04
pokoliLordVan_: yes, why you decided to split the fields between both modules07:05
LordVan_I did not "split" I just only added them there07:05
LordVan_I basically have 2 types of products(variants) in my system:07:06
LordVan_1) the "standard/placeholder" parts which is effectively a dummy with variants for different materials -- those do not have specific data but only are placeholders with some values set as defaults to make things easier / be able to use in reports later07:06
LordVan_2) the "real" products which are usually 1-1 (product-variant) which will include full product data and description there (the placeholder ones will have the description,.. added only on the sale line)07:07
LordVan_as to why we do have it like that / need this is beyond the need to explain here i think07:09
LordVan_that said I just thought of some way to achieve what I need : I can just add these extra fields to product_form_simple then they can also be entered when createing a new template07:10
LordVan_then there is no need to edit the variant directly usually except for some (not too often used) extra data07:10
pokoliACTION gives up07:11
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pokoliLordVan_: to be honest, it seems that most of the complexity is generated because you have date that does not reflect the reality, like the 1st point07:15
LordVan_pokoli, yes07:18
LordVan_i agree07:18
LordVan_but that is not something i can change (in the actual production process we have)07:18
pokoliLordVan_: why not?07:21
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LordVan_because we will *neveR* neter all products properly as products in tryton as it would be complete overkill and make things impossible to find again because of the flood of pointless stuff07:28
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LordVan_i mean07:29
LordVan_the only thing i could have made would be always use 1-on-1 for template/product07:30
LordVan_bit it which would just mean i would have not 3 or 4 dummy/placeholder "templates" but 50 odd07:31
LordVan_i still can'T get rid of the "placeholder/dummy" products but i could simplify it to always have 1 product per template07:39
LordVan_I will think about what works better for me07:39
LordVan_in any case07:40
LordVan_as I said I will just change the product_simple_Form xml file to include the extra fields I need there so it is actually the best solution for me right now07:40
LordVan_pokoli, but thanks anyway .. trying to explain this to you helped me figure out how i could best do it ;)07:40
LordVan_[even if we might not agree if it is a good way to do it like that]07:41
LordVan_pokoli, if we ever meet at a FOSDEM,.. i can explain the reasons in person if you want ;)07:43
LordVan_well gotta do my other work while making note of what XML changes to do and which defaults to set/implement07:47
pokoliLordVan_: I never went to FOSDEM, but probably we can have the talk on a Tryton Unconference07:58
LordVan_when there is another I definitely want to attend if I can08:00
LordVan_whenever that can be considering covid08:00
LordVan_btw were there already plans for the next Tryton Unconference (Before covid happened i mean)08:11
pokoliLordVan_: there is
LordVan_oh nice08:16
LordVan_I shall add my thoughts later (i just helped out with a streaming event so I could probably help out too)08:20
pokoliIndeed tryton won't have any unconference if it's community does not help on it's organization :)08:23
LordVan_of course. i mean what would be the point08:23
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