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mrichezhi, in the workflow i would like to allow some steps to be executed by a group and final step 'done' restricted to another group. Could it be done simply with xml by linking button 'Done' to specific group ? Or should i check also in python code ?12:23
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mrichezhi, following my previous question: how to update or remove group linked on a button with "" ? I mean button 'Done' is linked to 'group_stock', i want to remove 'group_stock' and allow this button to a new group 'validate_shipment'13:45
pokolimrichez: xml makes the button readonly for users that does not have access, with python code you can hide it13:53
mrichezpokoli: but even if button hidden action will be available ?13:55
pokolimrichez: the idea is that if the user is not allowed to do an action shee see the button but readonly13:55
pokolimrichez: to know that there is some action that can be done by somebody else13:55
pokolimrichez: if the button is hidden the user should not be able to click it, so it's unabailalbe13:56
pokolimrichez: to remove the button you should remove the xml record and to update change its values13:56
mrichezpokoli: but action is also available through the icon action13:56
pokolimrichez: it should not, IIRC the buttons actions are evaluated using the invisible attribute, so only show for records that satisfy the conditiion13:57
pokolimrichez: maybe you found a bug ...13:58
mrichezpokoli: don't know, just a supposition13:58
mrichezpokoli: so for update i use the original id ? id="'  and then i can update group with <field name="group" ref="....14:00
pokolimrichez: yes, you should be able to do so14:02
mrichezpokoli: ok ,thanks! :-)14:02
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cedkmrichez: is deactivable15:08
mrichezcedk: ok16:55
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