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pokoliyangoon1: ping!08:23
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mrichezhi, to avoid to begin from scratch, wondering if someone already did a proteus script to migrate stock database (product, quantity in stock, lot and location) from tryton to another tryton instance. If not, what is the best way to migrate the stock as initial in the new instance: supplier move or inventory ? Thanks.11:09
mrichezcedk: thanks!12:01
mrichezcan a proteus script dialog with two tryton servers  in the same script? Following my previous question, i need to migrate data from tryton 5.6 databse to another tryton 6.0 database. Or should i use 2 proteus scripts (1 to export, 1 to import) and a temporary storage (file, db, ...)? 14:11
cedkmrichez: theoritically you can switch between multiple config but you have to pass the right config to get the Model, Wizard etc.14:27
cedkmrichez: but you can not connect to different series as you need the same series also for proteus14:28
mrichezcedk: indeed.. so i'll create 2 scripts. Thanks!14:29
cedkso you should probably store an intermediary data or to pipe two scripts from different series14:29
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