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mrichezhi, in a proteus script i try to get product quantities with Product.products_by_location and i get this error: AttributeError: type object 'product.product' has no attribute 'products_by_location'08:37
cedkmrichez: in proteus you can only access methods defined in __rpc__08:55
mrichezcedk: so i have to do a custo to add this method in __rpc__ to use with proteus ?08:56
cedkmrichez: yes but normally you should not need to call such method08:58
mrichezcedk: i need to get a listing of our stocks (location, product, lot, quantity) used in tryton 5.6 to migrate to another database on tryton 6.0... any other way than proteus ?09:00
cedkmrichez: you can use the product.quantity or lot.quantity field with the proper context09:02
mrichezcedk: i will try this way... thanks09:04
mrichezcedk: in this case i will have to loop on all locations/lots available 09:22
mrichezcedk: we have 12000 lots and 1400 locations... 09:23
cedkmrichez: well you have to loop on each location and instantiate all the lots at once09:53
mrichezcedk: ok... :-)09:54
cedkmrichez: now maybe it is simpler to add products_by_location to __rpc__ (at least temporary)10:07
mrichezcedk: maybe... it will be a one shot... 10:08
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mrichezcedk: so i just add : cls.__rpc__.update({ 'products_by_location': RPC(instantiate=0),  })  but got this error: TypeError: __call__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'with_childs'12:13
cedkmrichez: the method does not need any instantiate12:26
mrichezcedk: ok12:27
mrichezcedk: still the same error... Product.products_by_location([], config.context, with_childs=True, grouping=grouping)12:37
cedkmrichez: I do not think proteus works with keyword arguments12:38
mrichezcedk: ok12:39
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