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LordVanI was wondering .. about .. sale invoicee grouping is it possible to automatically "merge" together total amounts of a position/line (fromt he sale) .. what i mean is: orderd are Pos 1, Pos 2, ... and then there are 2 deliveries with all of Pos 1 but only half of Pos 2 to start with then the 2nd delivery with the rest14:03
LordVanat the moment it gives me not 13(6+7) for that split up delivery position, but 2 lines one with 6 and one with 714:03
cedkLordVan: I do not understand, Tryton never merge lines14:10
LordVanyes but i would prefer them merged on the report14:14
cedkwe do not merge them neither on report because it could display different value than non-merged due to rounding14:29
LordVancedk, rounding would not be an issue as I only have whole numbers (like 5 pieces + 7 pieces) but I know what you mean14:37
LordVanalso I would only merge ones that meet certain conditions (like same sale line on the original sale,..14:42
LordVanbecause we want/need (for some customers) to keep the invoices in the same order as the original order even if it is split into multiple deliveries that are invoiced in one invoice some times14:42
LordVan(i know it is a pain and not good imho either but well they are like our most important customer..)14:42
LordVanif it was me i would either just leave it as is or just not group them at all but well14:44
cedkLordVan: you can not merge at the model level, you can only design a report that groups them15:07
LordVancedk, ok that's what I thought (and that is fine I guess as the representation in tryton is not the issue, but the pdf/printout needs to be per specification)15:09
LordVancedk, do you see an issue if I automatically rearrange invoice lines on grouping to match the sale order?15:10
LordVan(although I am not sure yet which method I best override to do that in ..)15:11
cedkLordVan: no15:13
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LordVancedk, ok thanks. I just looked at the (account_invoice) .. would it work to override invoice.on_change_lines()  to rearrange the lines, or would that trigger an endless loop=15:23
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cedkLordVan: on_change* are only called by the UI so it does nothing for automatic creation15:56
LordVanah ok then i cannot used that .. any recommendation what method would be good to look into for this purpose? (I want it to be called whenever a new move gets added to the invoice so it can merge as-needed15:58
LordVanbasically something called *after* get_move15:59
cedkLordVan: for me your need does not require to change anything in the data model but only on the report15:59
LordVancedk, true it is not required, but would make it easier for the user -- if i can do it without too much time needed to implement16:00
LordVanbut yes I will first just make the custom report .. re-ordering the lines in the data model is something that is definitely optional (and user-experience improvement at best)16:01
LordVanthanks for the info and confirming that it's best to just make the custom report16:02
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