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htgoebelpokoli, ced: Thanks for your support prior this year. The project all my questions have been for is cancelled :-( This is why you did not see relevant "outcome" of my work and why I "disappeared" again.10:57
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LordVanHi. I was wondering .. the default invoice template uses line.product.rec_name and other fields .. but that means basically If i change the product later and recall the report it will be different from the original invoice? or is it cached somehow that I missed?11:11
LordVan(goes looks at the code in the meantime)11:16
cedkLordVan: when an invoice is posted, the report is rendered and stored11:23
LordVanok but the data model still displays the "current" data in the UI right?11:24
cedkLordVan: not sure to understand the question11:25
LordVanwhen i go to the invoice in the client it shows me the changed article data 11:27
LordVanbut the report shows the original11:27
LordVanso it saves the report when it is "posted" but only the odt/pdf/.. itself correct?11:27
cedkLordVan: yes11:29
LordVancedk, ok that's what I wanted to verify. I will run that past the relevant people to make sure they are aware as well and i don't get trouble later cuz they don't understand11:32
LordVanbtw i've seen Fosdem will beo nline this time around11:32
LordVanis anythign tryton related planned?11:33
cedkLordVan: nothing to my knowledge11:34
cedkbut I think Tryton is too specific for FOSDEM11:34
LordVanok . just thought i'd ask cuz the fosdem page is .. a bit confusing and makes it hard to find stuff imho11:34
LordVanyeah especially for online .. one thing to have a devroom or whatever there but otherwise..11:35
LordVanthough they do have online devrooms too it seems?11:35
LordVanbtw cedk i think there is some error on the donation page:
LordVanwe did not donate 2399 € and the following ones nothing .. did that get added togheter by accident? 11:39
LordVan[and the year is wrong]11:39
LordVancedk, one more thing about the cache of invoices .. I just noticed that delivery notes do not get cached. is there a way to enable that easily too ? (thinking of a scenario, where I might have to re-pritn an old one for someone who lost their copy or so, but taht could the contain data taht does not match the invoice)11:44
cedkLordVan: we do not show the donation amount of each donator12:37
cedkLordVan: no there is no generic report caching12:37
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LordVancedk, ah misread the page as being one table but it is two tables next to each other .. my mistake ^^12:56
LordVancedk, ok then basically if i want that cached I need to just add some custom fields to do the caching - that way it will show in the UI correctly too12:56
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LordVanthat is fine by me though I already do that with sale line extra data too13:04
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LordVancedk, what would happen if I decide at a later point to use tryton's filestore instead of storing the Invoice cache copies in the DB? 15:13
LordVanwill it automatically notice taht the old ones are in the DB and use them or would I need to somehow export them?15:13
cedkLordVan: it will keep getting old file from the database15:16
LordVanok cool thanks then i'll start with that i think as I was considering writing my own filestore that stores in a document management system instead in the future15:16
LordVanmayanDMS that is15:17
LordVanbut i still need to evaluate if that even is feasible and makes sense15:17
cedkLordVan: the main issue with storing in the database files, is that backup become quickly large15:23
LordVanyes that is what i was thinking too 15:23
LordVancedk, do people use other than normal file storage? (ie storing in some document management system or similar?)15:24
LordVanor is this something people just don't seem to need/want/use15:24
LordVancuz my main reason for wanting to use the DB to start with was simply that if i decide to store elsewhere afterwards (be that a DMS or just a directory) it would fallback to the DB without me having to migrate other things15:25
cedkLordVan: yes:
cedkif you change the filestore mechanism then you need to migrate existing files to the new filestore (or implement a fallback)15:31
LordVanah cool thanks didn't specifically search discuss.t.o .. I should remember to do taht15:33
cedkLordVan: when searching third party modules, check
LordVanwill do. thanks15:36
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