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LordVanquick question: someone in the office accidentally cancelled a delivery note instead of confirming (don'T ask ..) is there anything I need to watch out for if i set it back to draft (Regarding the invoice,. ?)08:59
pokoliLordVan: the field shipment_state of the related sale will be in exception09:06
pokoliLordVan: you should manage that exception by recreating the move (if you want to sent the shipment) or ignoring them (if you really want to cancel the delivery)09:06
pokoliLordVan: on recent versions there is an exception tab domain on sales view (also purchases) to easly spot such sales09:07
LordVani just love it when people do things like that creating more work for me .. 09:10
LordVanthanks i will look09:10
LordVani do want it shipped and in fact it is shipped .. with that delivery note number09:10
LordVancuz they did print it first09:10
LordVanso .. yeah09:10
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LordVanpokoli, can i even re-create the move (with the same shipment number as it is already delivered..)09:16
pokoliLordVan: you can not. It will create a new shipment with a new number09:21
LordVani thought you'D say that09:23
LordVanok thanks i will see how to solve this best09:23
LordVancompletely different question.. someone asked me if it would be feasible to put fine-grained permissions in tryton like user X can only edit data related parties A,B,C (or otherwise assigned) ,.. has anyone done this before?09:29
LordVanit'S basically about claim management where seperate users should not see others cases09:29
pokoliLordVan: you can always update the values from the SQL, but this should be done with care09:29
pokolias the moves are probably cancelled, so you will need to update both the shipment and the moves09:30
pokoliLordVan: yes, it is possible to produce such fine grained permissions. For example, we have implemented for a customer a rule that users for specific group can only update sales of parties from Spain, and other users for all countries09:31
LordVanpokoli, yes i thought doing it in the SQL  .. in fact i have dome something similar for testing before .. udpate the shipment and all the moves09:31
LordVanpokoli, cool .. I was pretty sure it should be possible, but just wanted to confirm if it is feasible. thanks .. (assuming that is not something in a public repo though? ;))09:32
pokoliLordVan: no this is not public as this is customer customization. We have it in a customer module and we keep all private as sometimes they contain sensitive dat09:34
LordVanof course09:35
LordVani expected that but knowing it is something that has been done before is already enough for me in this case09:35
LordVananother thing I was thinking about was if i can get sale_invoice_grouping to only group delivery notes of the same sale into one invoice .. am I correct thinking thaat it should be pretty much just a matter of overwriting Sale._invoice_grouping_fields ?10:09
cedkLordVan: yes you must get the sale origin as grouping key10:27
LordVancedk, nice .. what do you think of adding another option to the sale_invoice_grouping module to have None, 'standard' and 'by sale' in the standard module? would you want to have that in the offical modules, if not I just put it in my customization10:29
wifasoi[m]Hi, I'm working to implement what pokoli sugegsted (association patch:
wifasoi[m]Now thee fee have a state saved in db, So I want to have a "paied" and "cancelled" state. So i wanted to called the cancel move wizard from my module and set the"cancel state" on success. Is it possible or I should reimplement the cancel move logic? (or third answere.. just don't bother with the "cancelled" state)10:31
semarieit seems that "Plans > Ouvrir le plan comptable" view isn't usable anymore. before it was a tree with all accounts, and now I have only the first level of accounts10:33
pokolisemarie: sounds like a bug. Which version? Can you reproduce it on the demo database?10:46
pokoliwifasoi[m]: there is a cancel method in account move: You shoud use that10:47
pokoliwifasoi[m]: and also recocncile lines with the source move 10:48
wifasoi[m]ok, it will return the cancel move to reconcile, then I need to reconcile with the original move. This logic is implemented in the wizard I think10:48
wifasoi[m]If i can i would like to not reimplement:
pokoliwifasoi[m]: the problem is that the wizard have logic that depen on the view and that will make hard to call from your code10:54
pokoliwifasoi[m]: If you think that your code is exactly the same as the cancell move (without the defaults) maybe we need some refactoring of the code to allow you to call it directly10:55
SISalpHello, I'm looking on a way to re-use chronos concept for other needs. Did some of you already have done that ?10:56
SISalpThe idea is to provide browser applications for simple inputs on 1) notes related to party 2 stock mouvements10:57
SISalp2) stock movements10:58
pokoliACTION happy to see to much activity on the chat :D10:58
SISalpBesause it would be a bit cutomized, both would need to be custom.10:58
pokoliSISalp: there is WIP for packaing application using same concept as chronos:
SISalpHow difficult would it be ? and how can I distribute the app to the customer(s users.? I und11:00
cedkwifasoi[m]: I do not think you should need the warnings when canceling a move for workflow11:03
SISalppokoli: the long list seems to tell it is not easy. is it ?11:05
pokoliSISalp: the app can be directly published to browser extension marketplace. Like we do for chronos11:05
pokoliSISalp: what is not easy? Do not fully understand. Which long list?11:06
SISalpThe idea is to use these chronos-like apps on cell phones.11:06
SISalppokoli: the list of reviews. 11:06
SISalppokoli: can an app be installed without publishing it worldwide ?11:07
SISalpMotivation: It targets a market where any stock move must be recorded in real-time.11:09
wifasoi[m]pokoli: It will be unfortunally.. or atleast it will just resolve a subset of the problem.11:11
wifasoi[m]cedk: as I don't know if the line will be grouped or delegated.. I think I need to perform a similar checks.11:11
pokoliSISalp: yes. You can distribute privatly if you want but you have to activate untrustted sources on mobile devices11:11
pokoliWe do this way for the application that we presented on TUM11:11
SISalpand regarding party notes, the idea is to record any interaction with the party, like "received a phone call" or "sent the catalogue" and so on.. so we can later extract a document with relationship status and to-do lists.11:12
pokoliSISalp: for stock application it is complex because there are several workflows to support. 11:12
SISalppokoli: good point for code distribution. thank you.11:13
pokoliSISalp: Indeed we are missng some module to store party related activites (or what you canll notes)11:14
SISalppokoli: Yes, I think we would push a module to complement party context, but not that much I guess.11:17
pokoliSISalp: I think what you are looking for is something that most CRMs has: Having history of all contacts with a named party. 11:18
SISalppokoli: indeed. and define the kind of contact, its date, so we can print a to-do document every morning.11:20
semariepokoli: I am on tip - tryton-env c80be611a16f (2022-02-10)11:21
pokoliSISalp: A to-do document for the full company or by a named employee? 11:21
pokolisemarie: tryton or sao? can you reproduce on both clients? 11:22
pokolisemarie: I tested on demo6.2 using sao and it works as expected11:22
SISalppokoli: for a list of selected activities, so with the flexibility of search function.11:23
semariepokoli: *tip* aka 6.3. I only tested it on tryton (i don't have sao installed)11:23
semarieit looks like related to column changes in views11:24
pokolisemarie: may be related to optional column. Makes sense11:29
pokoliSISalp: For that the first step will be to have a model on Tryton to store such information. Once the model is defined the application won't be hard to implement11:31
cedkwifasoi[m]: we do not that for invoice and in practice I do not think it can be generalized with workflows11:46
SISalppokoli: This answers about the feasability and adequacy.11:55
SISalppokoli: can you tell me more about the stock movements warning ?11:56
pokoliSISalp: I do not understand12:04
semarieah. same problem on tax plan. which is bad as I need it12:34
pokolisemarie: that confirms that is a client issue as all the tree view which are not correct12:38
SISalppokoli: I ask more because you said "it is complex because there are several workflows to support"12:41
pokoliSISalp: ohh yes, sorry I'm reapling several converstions in the same time and I get lost! 12:42
pokoliSISalp: in stock you should: Receive packgaes from supplier, pack outgoing shipments, do inventory of current products. Move products between warehouses. An each process may have differrent solutions.12:43
pokoliThis make it a little bit more complex12:43
pokolialso there is lots, expiry_dates and more information12:43
semariepokoli: hep. downgrading the client makes it works (so I am unbreaking for now, and I will be able to do my VAT declaration)12:51
SISalppokoli. I got the point. The use case is about alcoholic beverage, in which any move of liquid must be recorded and eventually requires a paper document. An exemple is a declaration like  I took 20l from localisation A, I put them in the trunk of the car plate-number N° XXX to move them to aaaaaa addresse this afternoon"13:00
cedksemarie: it should be fixed with
cedksemarie: but you should not use development branch with production data13:10
pokoliSISalp: ok, this seems "just" managing the customer shipments13:10
semariecedk: it is a good way to test it and report bugs. but I agree it could have some downsides13:12
cedksemarie: downsides like loosing your data13:15
cedksemarie: you could just test development from time to time with a backup13:15
semariecedk: your diff is ok. it restores the view13:16
semarieI am prepared to do restore of backups when updating the version I am using. but yes, maybe I should stay on 6.4 once done.13:19
semariebut about testing development from time to time, I doubt it will receive the same test level than real usage13:19
cedksemarie: the main issue I could see is that we do not care about migration between development points13:29
cedkso we may push something and decide later (before any release) to revert it or change the design and no migration will be handled13:30
SISalppokoli: no any move. The given example was for any travel by road. Other examples : I move 70l from a tank to fill 700 bottles of 70cl. ; I move 10l from duty free stock to  stock rules by french customs. etc... They can be recorded through standard tryton client but it requires a computer on hand and access rights.13:32
wifasoi[m](contex: fee workflow association) so.. i'll just drop the cancelled state..and just mark the fee as paied on reconciliation.16:30
wifasoi[m]Silly idea: Should the sale_point module support account with party required?17:01
wifasoi[m]Right now it's not, but i have a silly usercase in mind :D17:01
wifasoi[m]I want to use the pos workflow for my asosciation for handle cash/card payments.17:01
wifasoi[m]I think i can implement with just a party field that will be required based on the party_required account flag.17:03
wifasoi[m]Ahaa I see.. I cannot do that easilly. Will try to implement it as a custom payment method17:07
wifasoi[m](for account_payment)17:08
cedkwifasoi[m]: why not using an invoice?17:56
wifasoi[m]cedk: that would be the correct answere for a company. For membership fee you cannot consider fees as an invoiceble item.18:01
wifasoi[m](Sorry, i meant for a membership fee of an association)18:02
wifasoi[m](But this in my silly country :D)18:02
wifasoi[m]Maybe just create a petty cash statement for each transaction is the best way to do it. But i'm not fully conviced18:04
cedkwifasoi[m]: I do not see why you could not use the invoice Model18:06
wifasoi[m]Only because association fees are a different fiscal concept as an invoice for service rendered. So i just need to deql with payable/receivable lines.18:13
wifasoi[m]Otherwhise the invoice model did work well before i created the association module.18:13
wifasoi[m]The goal of my mumbling is to create a sorta of cash register that deals with this lines in a way or another.18:14
wifasoi[m]So i need to decide wich modle for handleling the payment works best (for now only keep a petty cash statement worked well)18:17
cedkwifasoi[m]: I still do not understand why not use invoice18:25
wifasoi[m]Becouse will increse the invoice nuber, and association fees is not an invoicible item.18:29
wifasoi[m]Like a stock in a company.. when you buy it they release a certificate of stock, but not an invoice.18:30
wifasoi[m]Don't think you can invoice a stock. (I think atleast)18:31
wifasoi[m]The membership fee is more like a stock in the association. But instead the member is obbligated to pay to have voting rights18:32
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