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cedkwifasoi[m]: then I think you just need a "Pay" wizard like the one on invoice23:17
wifasoi[m]Fair enough.. I'll add it in the todo list00:21
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LordVani got a weird thing happeneing at the moment with outgoing shipments .. I delete internal movements as i want to only ship partially. then commission, .. pack .. bu8t in the outgoing moves i still have the deleted ones but with quantity 0 instead. 10:58
LordVan <- this is the code that is running and I see no reason as to why it would not remove the outgoing moves with quantity 0 anymore ?10:59
LordVanor could it have to do with my custom _sync_move_key ? if so why?10:59
pokoliLordVan: this is expected11:28
pokoliLordVan:  I think they are removed on latest versions11:28
LordVanpokoli, i am using 6.2.1 of stock module and i was pretty sure they got removed before?12:04
LordVanunless that was on one of my dev boxes with compeltely up2date12:04
pokoliLordVan: i think yes it was removed for 6.212:09
pokolithere is a workflow translation where empty moves are removed12:09
LordVanyou mean ?12:11
LordVanah wrong link 12:12
LordVani mean
LordVanline 1327 in my currently running version so it should delete it ?12:13
LordVancould it have to do with my sync move key?12:15
LordVancrap i found my mistake .. it'S a typo ....12:21
LordVannever mind12:21
LordVani had called super().pick(shipments) instead of super().pack(..)12:23
LordVanunfortunately this was a typo that did not cause any obvious errors or exceptions ..12:23
pokoliLordVan: yes, second link is responible of deleting 12:38
mrichezHi, question about access rights. There's some changes between 5.8 and 6.2, wondering how to keep same behavior. I give some restrictions on product (see this post:
mrichezBefore, i could create a product customer from menu product customer without problem. Now, when i try to create a new product customer, i get an error about access rights on product. 15:30
mrichezWhat should i update to the same behavior as before ?15:30
cedkmrichez: I guess you have to solve the access issues15:35
mrichezcedk: indeed... but don't understand why on another model those access rights are applied15:37
cedkmrichez: product customer inherit access rights from product and template15:38
mrichezcedk: ok, so this is the problem... i restrict lot of access to users on products once they are "validated" (see my post on discuss) but i allow them to add/update customer products without any restriction15:41
mrichezcedk: in my case, i gave all access to sale_product_customer to group sale , before product_admin access were bypassed when adding a new product_customer15:48
mrichezcedk: so i suppose that clearing cls.__access__ on sale_product_customer will restore the previous behavior15:50
cedkmrichez: you can discard product and template from __access__ but you will need to duplicate access rules of those models that you want to keep15:50
mrichezcedk: ok15:55
mrichezcedk: indeed default __access__ on product and template is too restrictive for me . Don't need access rules on product model in sale_product_customer, giving all access to sale group is enough.16:12
mrichezcedk: but if i'm not in group sale, i can't add a product_customer on product ... so i'll have to add some access rights on product ;-) Thanks for help!16:18
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