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pokolicedk: how can I restart the docker service in demo is down due to error when removing the network09:12
pokoliThis is what happens:
cedkpokoli: in the demo home, there is the docker compose file under tryton-docker-demo09:14
pokolicedk: yes, I'm already there, but runing raises the error from the link above09:16
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cedklooks like there is no other option than restarting docker09:33
pokolicedk: did you use "rc-service docker restart" to restart the service? 09:57
cedkI call direct from /etc/init.d but rc-service is also a way10:07
pokoliThanks. I normally use systemct which is not available on the system10:08
RaphalHertzog[m]Damn, I performed my upgrade on the live instance, everything was fine on the test instance, but now I can't connect with tryton-client with this non-helpful error:
RaphalHertzog[m]Does that ring a bell to anyone?10:10
cedkRaphalHertzog[m]: better to have the server error10:12
RaphalHertzog[m]Bah, I saw nothing in the server (yet it was INFO log level), I tweaked to DEBUG and restarted the server and now it worked... so I guess I will never know.10:13
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: maybe you just missed to restart the server10:15
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: I won't recomend to run the server on DEBUG level as a lot of info is logged and makes the system a little bit slower10:16
RaphalHertzog[m]Yeah, I disabled it back.10:16
RaphalHertzog[m]I'd like to tackle another issue that has been bothering me for a while. How can I properly translate the "company footer"? I have put the English version in the field on the Company object and that's what get displayed everywhere, even on invoices that are otherwise in French.13:25
RaphalHertzog[m]There's no translate button incorporated in the field so I can't just edit the translation interactively there.13:25
RaphalHertzog[m]However I used to have a translation apparently because I have a (proper) translation associated to "Field name:,1" "Type: Report" "Resource ID: -1".13:25
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RaphalHertzog[m]Everytime that I write, I manage to find some solution just afterwards... looks like I had to put the translation against "Field Name: account.invoice" "Type: Report" for it to be translated on the invoice. I find that a bit weird but at least I fixed my issue.13:30
cedkRaphalHertzog[m]: as header and footer are unique for all the document, they can not follow the translation process13:35
RaphalHertzog[m]so what I'm asking for is not officially supported? And what I did is a crude hack?13:37
cedkRaphalHertzog[m]: if you translate the header/footer you will probably have it for the language of the user who is printing it13:38
RaphalHertzog[m]I don't think so because I have my user configured in English and I managed to get the footer in French (for a customer configured in French)13:39
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pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: probably the behviour depends on the template and how you read the information 14:30
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: if you use as expression it should be translated in customer language14:30
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: if you use company.footer directly it will be in the user language14:31
RaphalHertzog[m]I use as in the official template.14:32
RaphalHertzog[m](BTW the translation must be handled line by line, or at least that how I got it to work)14:33
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: then I do not see any issue to have the field translatable as the right language will be used. The template will just need to use the right expression which is already the case in base module14:37
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: what do you mean line by line? 14:37
RaphalHertzog[m]I have two lines in my company.footer, I have add each line as a separate translation.14:39
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: oh, that is because you are hacking the translation, if the field is set to translatable=True this will be managed automatically14:39
RaphalHertzog[m]pokoli: I guess the tpoint that cedk was trying to make is that translations are contextual, but the footer is used in many contexts, thus it's not possible to offer a simple way to get it translated everywhere14:40
pokoliRaphalHertzog[m]: if the field is translatable we just need to take care to use the right language in all report templates14:42
pokoliI mean If you set the translations of the field, they party/user language will be used depending on how the report is designed14:43
pokoliIf a party language is set we should use it, if no party language it will be shown in the user language14:44

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