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mrichezhi, where can i find in database field's domain ? i update field's domain in a custo. I removed my custo but domain seems still active.10:09
pokolimrichez: you can not find in database but you can print on class __setup__ in custom module 11:38
mrichezpokoli: ok, this is strange because it seems domain is still applied, so i thought it was stored on database11:41
mrichezpokoli: my custo was : super(ShipmentInternal, cls).__setup__()11:41
mrichezcls.to_location.domain = ['OR', cls.to_location.domain, ('type', '=', 'customer'), ]11:41
mrichezpokoli: i remove the custo, but i can still add a customer location on internal shipment11:41
pokolimrichez: did you have stock_consignment module? IIRC this module adds such domain11:42
mrichezpokoli: oh; indeed stock_consignment is activated .. thanks for solution :-)11:44
pokoliyou're welcome :-)12:01
mrichezhi, python question about this method:
mrichezis it normal to return a call to a classmethod without calling '__class__' . In this case, it's returning self.default_code_readonly() (which is a class method)... why not returning self.__class__.default_code_readonly() ? (is it a shortcut ?)13:11
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