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LordVancedk, quick question .. had a user send me a strange error after 6.8.8 client update (from 6.8.2 so i don'T know for sure which caused it but i looked at the history)08:21
LordVancould this
LordVancause an error on the account_invoice page during selecting date ?08:22
LordVanunfortuantely i do not have a trace due to user fail and taking a screenshot only of part of it08:22
LordVan[will try to validate just wnat to know if i am on the right path]08:22
pokoliLordVan: could you share the screenshot? 08:22
LordVanthe exception was a type error about 'int' not being subscriptable 08:23
LordVanpokoli, was jsut going to see where i could paste it08:23
pokoliunless you do not give us any clue about the error we can not perform any investigation08:23
LordVani know iw as just wondering if i should type the stuff in dpaste or post the screenshot but unsure where to upload .. lemme stick it in my cloud 08:23
pokoliLordVan: the commit about you linked is avoud domain inversion in xxx2many and multiselection value. I'm not sure if this is the case of account invoice 08:24
pokoliprobably its easier to ask the user to reproduce the problem, note the steps and post the full traceback08:24
LordVanyes i know but there is a reason. i will post it while trying to investigate08:24
LordVani had to rollback first cuz it was urgent08:24
LordVani do have a db backup to test later08:25
LordVanbut yeah due to time constraints i did rollback to 6.8.2 client and all worked fine08:31
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pokoliLordVan: yes, it seems your error is related to the linked commit08:35
LordVanbut yeah i intend to test more when i get a chance and report it properly. just thought i see if i am on the right path first. thanks08:36
LordVanthat happens when i try to open the generated invoice09:00
pokoliLordVan: it seems you have a domain which have a 'in' operator with a int value 09:01
pokoliLordVan: where it should be a list of integers 09:02
LordVanpokoli, yes but the trce is not helping me find out what the issue is 09:02
LordVanand any clue?09:02
pokoliLordVan: just run the client on linux and update the code to print the values and you will get more inforamtion09:03
LordVanpokoli, i will do that but cannot right now as i don'T have access from here to the linux box09:03
LordVanmy code bte:
LordVanpokoli, it might be useful to print that by default on the trace tbh09:04
LordVan same with different widget triggering it after that 09:05
LordVanbut all seems to go back to that code09:06
pokoliLordVan: validate validates all field, and there is a wrong domain on some field09:07
pokoliyou just need to know which field and fix the domain 09:07
LordVanpokoli, yes but i need more info for that so i need to experiment on my dev box later09:07
LordVanunfortuantely i am on windows @ work due to CAD software,..09:07
pokoliLordVan: it seems related to some custom code because I canset invoice date without issues on latest 6.8 client using demo database09:08
LordVanpokoli, do you think there is a (generic) way to print out more useful information from that traceback though? -- i mean for the upstream client in general not just me debugging now09:08
pokoliI normally use the demo database to test if this is upstream related or related to custom code09:08
LordVangood point09:08
LordVani could/should have done that too . will do it next time 09:08
pokoliLordVan: just check your code and you will probably find it 09:08
pokoliIt is a custom domain on a field which returns the wrong type for the operator09:09
LordVanyes looking now .. thing is i barely did any changes on the invoice except add 2 char fields and some invoice grouping stuff (But that happens before this, and is currently disabled on production so ..)09:10
LordVananyway I do not know too muich how the whole domain/validation in tryton works internally but i am checking my code to see if i notice anything. thansk09:10
LordVanso the best place wuld probabyl be putting the logging / .. in validate right?09:14
pokoliLordVan: yes, knowing the field which is causing the error will help09:15
LordVanthat's for sure09:15
pokoliLordVan: it seems the error depends on the modules installed. There is amodule which you use and it is not used on the demo databse which raises the error11:18
pokoliLordVan: I got the same error on another database11:18
LordVanpokoli, ah ok good cuz i did not find it yet - i will be able to run it on linux a bit later11:59
LordVanpokoli, do you want to have a list of modules, or have you found it already?12:32
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LordVanpokoli, cedk
LordVanthe client 6.8.8  with some trace14:46
LordVanit (for some reason) tries to access the first element of value .. but that is an integer..14:47
LordVanin fact a lot of values at this point are integers so I think the single_value is set wrongly in this case14:48
LordVanalso it seems to only happen when I access an invoice for the very first time after it was generated14:49
LordVanI will see if i can find more info and then report it as a bug (hopefully knowing more about it then)14:49
LordVan for some reason the single_value parameter is set to False for the sale line id14:56
LordVanI am unsure how to debug/find the cause of this right now as I am not that familiar with these parts of tryton, so if anyone got suggestions where to look/how to trace this back to where it came from ;)14:56
cedkLordVan: looks like
LordVanah yes15:16
LordVancedk, I had just now created the bug
LordVanif you want to close it as duplicate feel free15:17
LordVanunless you see anything useful in it15:17
LordVancedk, about that bug .. would it be an option to just add an extra check there if value has the correct type(is subscriptable) and if not just return value instead of value[0]15:29
LordVanor would that cause some issues otherwise?15:29
cedkLordVan: no it should not have non correct type15:35
LordVananything i can help with17:20
LordVanlet me know .. gtg now though17:24

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