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CIA-5zinsky roundup * #1396/Remove unique constraint on tax group code column:12:06
CIA-5[new] No more required to have unique code constraint on12:06
CIA-5tax group since we have tax rules. Remove constraint so that two module sharing some ide ...12:06
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CIA-5ced roundup * #1397/A new module to handle NACE:16:30
CIA-5It could extend party category to ...16:30
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CIA-5Mathias Behrle <> default * 3:a0b245276a53 party_siret/ ( de_DE.csv): Add translation for de_DE19:13
CIA-5Mathias Behrle <> default * 5:e173035dc039 calendar_classification/ ( de_DE.csv): Add translation for de_DE19:15
saxahi, is there a demo server set up for the HEAD branch ?19:53
saxaI think is 1.6 correct ?19:53
saxaI could not access demo1.6.tryton.org19:54
yangoon saxa 1.6 is next release19:54
yangoonand demo for current does not exist19:54
saxai know, but you probably are testing it somwhere or just localy ?19:54
saxaoh ok19:54
yangoonjust locally19:55
saxai'm just lazy to install psql on my machine19:55
yangoonthen take neso19:55
saxato run the server, is it mysql supported already ?19:55
yangoonnot yet19:55
saxado you have a link for neso ?19:56
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CIA-5ced roundup * #1234/auto_reload kills running crons: [testing] Is the changeset a7acf21e5acf fixing the issue?23:06
CIA-5ced roundup * #1391/Translate warning in import_data: [in-progress]
CIA-5ced roundup * #1396/Remove unique constraint on tax group code column: [in-progress]

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