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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #772/Large product set problem: delete method: [unread] Ok, it is the right direction. You can look at trytond/model/ line 332 for an example with cursor.IN_MAX. You don't need to set ...00:04
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I put some comments for the issue00:06
CIA-10tryton: vengfulsquirrel roundup * #772/Large product set problem: delete method: A made some modifications, if I don't set res=True I'll get an undefined error because I use it in an and to collect all the returns: ie. res = pr ...01:33
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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #772/Large product set problem: delete method: I don't like to call many time the super function, it doesn't fit well the object programming. I propose to use an other strategy: - Create a lis ...10:54
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 232:213bd39eb779 purchase/ Guidelines13:27
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 233:870a27459e3c purchase/purchase.xml: Show cancel status of invoice only on purchase form13:27
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 121:ac58d631ca79 sale/ ( sale.xml): Handle invoice exceptions13:33
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 122:68c4ec9e1b88 sale/: Merge13:33
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udonoHi all14:31
udonowhat is the use of full_name in party/party.py14:31
cristi_anfor reports :) (jokeing)14:32
udonocristi_an: :-)14:34
bechamelcristi_an: actually you are right14:34
cristi_anheheh :)14:34
udonocristi_an: Thanks14:34
cristi_anfirst time i gave an answer related to tryton14:35
udonobechamel: but it just copy the name to the full_name attribute.14:35
udonoACTION thinks a first tryton related answer tooks him half a year fulltime...14:36
bechameludono: this allow to do party.full_name instead of party_obj.name_get(...)14:36
cristi_anudono: Errare humanum est sed perseverare diabolicum14:37
udonocristi_an: in vino veritas14:37
cristi_anthat is true also :)14:37
udonocristi_an: so, quod erat demonstrandum14:38
cedkbechamel: no it is not the same than name_get14:38
cedkfull_name is use on report to allow easy customization of the party name displaied in reports14:39
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udonocedk: It is meant when I like to combine Prename, surnames etc.?14:39
cedkudono: yes14:40
udonocedk: so it's a helping hand, or a wink for my party_types module...14:41
cedkudono: also14:41
udonocedk: thanks, I will implement it...14:41
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cedkjal01: hi19:13
cedkjal01: did you see my answer on the irclog?19:13
jal01cedk: hi19:14
jal01cedk: hello now i have more (a lot ) of  "diagnostic material" :-)19:28
jal01jal@debian:~/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond$ sudo su tryton19:28
jal01jal@debian:~/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond$ ./bin/trytond19:28
jal01[Tue Feb 10 20:26:44 2009] DEBUG:psycopg2:installed. Logging using Python logging module19:28
jal01[Tue Feb 10 20:26:45 2009] INFO:init:using /home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file19:28
jal01[Tue Feb 10 20:26:45 2009] INFO:init:initialising distributed objects services19:28
jal01Traceback (most recent call last):19:28
jal01  File "./bin/trytond", line 28, in ?19:28
jal01    trytond.server.TrytonServer().run()19:28
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/", line 109, in run19:28
jal01    register_classes()19:28
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/modules/", line 305, in register_classes19:28
jal01    import trytond.ir19:28
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/ir/", line 6, in ?19:28
jal01    from model import *19:28
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/ir/", line 6, in ?19:29
jal01    from import Report19:29
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/report/", line 2, in ?19:29
jal01    from report import *19:29
jal01  File "/home/jal/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/report/", line 28, in ?19:29
jal01    from genshi.filters import Translator19:29
jal01ImportError: cannot import name Translator19:29
cedkjal01: please use pastebin or nopaste to copy/paste19:29
cedkjal01: it seems that you don't have genshi installed19:30
jal01cedk: during the installation i have the problems with relatorio, but not with genshi19:33
cedkjal01: did you have genshi installed?19:35
cedkjal01: which version?19:36
yangoonjal01: do you know
yangoonyou are on etch or on lenny?19:37
jal01cedk: i hope, the last :-)19:38
yangoonjal01: could you please do "apt-cache policy python-genshi" on the command line?19:40
cedkjal01: check it19:40
yangoonjal01: I see , it is  Candidate: 0.3.4-119:41
yangoonjal01: if possible, you should install  0.5.1-1~bpo40+1 0 from backports.org19:42
cedkjal01: you need genshi >= 0.519:42
jal01 *** 0.3.4-1 019:43
jal01        500 etch/main Packages19:43
jal01        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status19:43
cedkjal01: so you must upgrade genshi19:47
jal01cedk: ok, thanks19:49
udonojal01: when there are problems in upgrading genshi on etch, please request me, since I tried it last week. See
igor__jal01, lenny is about to be released, almost sure on this weekend20:11
igor__Better use Lenny, don't fight with etch...20:11
yangoonjal01: I would recommend to try the packages from, or upgrade at once to lenny20:11
jal01I'm working on genshi-update :)20:13
jal01 20:13
jal01how is the full name of the pakage?20:13
yangoonjal01: python-genshi20:14
jal01yangoon: python-genshi, it's all?20:18
jal01sorry don't work :(20:18
jal01mayb a ex. coomand line?20:18
ikksjal01, if you are new to Debian, better install lenny20:19
ikkson your vm20:19
ikksthe time spent will be less20:19
jal01all: why etch don't work?20:20
yangoonjal01: you have to do "apt-get install python-genshi", but before that you have to insert in the sources.list and update packages20:21
yangoonjal01: etch is *very* stable;)20:21
yangoonjal01: it is almost oldstable, as ikks says20:22
yangoonjal01: if you try in a VM, go for lenny20:22
jal01yangoo: thanks for your help, it's dont work :(20:25
jal01i try on VB. tomorrow i start with lenny. thanks for yor help :-)20:25
jal01one question: what about suse or fedora?20:25
yangoonjal01: it is a matter of taste, tryton works on all linux distros20:26
jal01yangoon: thanks20:27
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yangoonanyone tested already tryton with psyco? do you use it?20:49
cedkyangoon: I did a long time ago20:50
cedkyangoon: and I think that bechamel try it recently20:51
yangooncedk: did you have speed improvements?20:52
cedkyangoon: a little20:52
cedkyangoon: what is slow most of the time is postgresql20:54
cedkyangoon: in fact it is more that most of the time spend for a request is spend by postgresql and not the python code20:55
yangooncedk: yes, better to speed up there20:55
yangooncedk: indexing is rather done by postgres, I suppose20:56
yangooncedk: if not done like in your patch for locations20:56
cedkyangoon: yes20:56
cedkyangoon: but we must be carefull with index20:57
yangoonthey forgot to translate the brilliant smile of Richard21:08
bechamelyangoon: last time I tried trytond with psyco it was ok except when killing the server, crtl-c didn't work (but ctl-z did the trick)21:14
yangoonbechamel: but ctl-z only puts in background? or did it kill?21:15
bechamelyangoon: yes ctrl-z just suspend the process you need to type "kill -9 %1" after21:17
cedkyangoon: I suppose it was: crtl-z + kill -9 %121:17
yangoonyes. ok, with that it should really go;)21:18
cedkyangoon: I guess it must have a solution for this issue21:22
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #773/NameError: global name 'ste' is not defined: [new] Printing Fin.Man./Reporting/Income Statement with selected periods (without selecting periods no crash): Traceback (most recent call last): ...21:27
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cedkthis is exactly what we will never do:
pantheraouch :/22:56
pantheraa very bad one that is.22:56
cedkpanthera: and even better we try to have migration at any time :-)22:57
bechamelcedk: except when I forgot it :)22:59
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cedkbechamel: but I remember it to you :-)22:59
cedkpanthera: for the package of OpenERP in Debian, I think it will be good to add a warning that migration will not work out of the box23:01
pantheracedk: the packages are 'dumb' anyway in the sense of that the admin has to setup and23:03
pantheratake care about the db itself anyway.23:03
pantherafor tryton, i'll be adding debconf support to it.23:03
cedkpanthera: I don't know what is debconf?23:04
pantheracedk: did you ever used a debian system?23:06
cedkpanthera: it was about ten years ago23:07
pantheraok. so i know how to explain it.23:07
pantheradebconf is a framework that allowes packages to ask questions to the user at package installation time,23:08
pantheraand act/react to the answers given.23:08
cedkpanthera: ok23:09
pantheraof course, one can preseed those answers to have it non-interactive if wished.23:09
pantherahowever. a user does 'apt-get install tryton-server' and the package will ask the user,23:09
cedkpanthera: so you will add update database in it?23:09
pantheraif it should setup a db, and if so, will ask for the users23:09
cedkpanthera: great, like my ebuild :-)23:09
panthera, passwords, IPs etc.23:09
pantherayeah, other distributions do have other ways to acchieve the same i'm sure :)23:10
pantherain case of an upgrade, you can ask the user if tryton should update the db itself, or not.23:10
cedkpanthera: yes, this is a good way23:11
pantheraso, once we'll have all the packages in sid, i will work on that,23:11
pantheraso any newbie can install and setup tryton without needing to touch any files,23:11
pantherabut by just answering questions. or accepting its default values.23:11
cedkpanthera: this sounds very good23:11
panthera...and when done and i'm comfortable with it, i can build you live images for that23:12
panthera(as i happen to be the guy doing the debian live cds :)23:13
cedkpanthera: bechamel had the idea to create a live CD for Tryton23:14
pantherawhat distribution does he use?23:15
cedkbechamel: ping23:15
bechamelcedk: yes i'm there23:16
bechamelpanthera: debian23:16
pantherabechamel: so you're using live-helper then?23:16
bechamelpanthera: it was just an idea, i didn't start anything yet23:17
pantherabechamel: ok :)23:17
bechamelpanthera: I had the idea when i discoverd unetbootin23:17
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pantherawell, anyhow.. if you feel you need them earlier than i get arround to do it myself,23:18
bechamelpanthera: the problem with a live cd is to provide image download23:18
pantherawhy? i can do them on as i do with official debian ones.23:19
bechamelpanthera: yes? this should be great23:19
bechamelcedk: this is not gentoo that can provide this kind if stuff .. ;)23:20
pantherafor the sake of completeness and to finish my sentence from above:23:21
panthera22:17:35 < panthera> well, anyhow.. if you feel you need them earlier than i get arround to do it  myself,23:21
pantherafeel free to do it yourself and send me your live-helper config directory so i'll autobuild them on
cedkbechamel: I can put download stuff on my webpage23:21
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pantheraa set currently consists of an iso image, an usb-hdd image, a netboot tarball, and the squashfs image for booting from the internet; plus the source tarball.23:24
cedkpanthera: do you have a scheduled date for that?23:24
pantheraassuming one would fill a cd with it, that would be 650+650+650+650+1300=3.9GB for one architecture,23:25
pantheraand usually, you want at least i386 and amd64. so you would need 7.8GB webspace.23:25
vengfulsquirrelDoes anyone know what could cause this?  Its pretty cryptic:
pantheraand if you want more than one tryton version at the time, e.g. release and devel, you multiply by two.23:26
pantheracedk: this week i'm busy with finishing tasks for univ. and lenny release;23:27
pantheracedk: next week i'll upgrading all machines to lenny; after that i start working on23:27
pantheraregular packaging again. debconf stuff takes me about one week i'd say.23:27
cedkpanthera: ok, it was just to have a idea of the time23:28
pantheraand when done that, the livecds another day. so.. roughly that could be done in.. three weeks of now.23:28
pantheraspeaking about time.. what timeframe, roughly, is tryton 1.2 aiming for?23:28
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: the line just before your paste should give you where the error is23:29
cedkpanthera: release 1.2 will be the 13 april23:30
pantherathat's nice.23:30
pantheraso we can coordinate if you want, so that you can release 1.2 and offer live systems for it at the same time.23:31
cedkpanthera: great23:32
pantheragreat software as tryton deserves the effort23:33
pantheraanway.. going to bed.. it's already late :/23:33
vengfulsquirrelbechamel: Hmm yeah I was pasting from the client,, still doesn't seem to give much information.  I think it might be caused by one of the modules I've written but its hard to tell what has caused it.23:39
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Hey the production module only has like 10 lines in it but I think I should probably put a license on it now so I don't have to think/worry about it later, should I just copy the licensing out of another module ?23:43
cedkvengfulsquirrel: for now it is your code so you put the license you want :-)23:46
cedkvengfulsquirrel: but if you want to have it later include in the base of Tryton, you must choose GPL-323:46
vengfulsquirrelcedk: okay yeah i'm just oging to copy the gpl 3 and put my name in it and then i think that will be fine23:47
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I suggest you to follow the same way that what we do for other modules23:48
cedkvengfulsquirrel: one file LICENSE with the GPL-3 and one file COPYRIGHT with your copyright23:48
cedkvengfulsquirrel: and put the little sentence on top of each file23:49
vengfulsquirrelyeah okay thanks, i can do that23:49
vengfulsquirrelAlso for that patch, I'm still trying to test it but somehow I broke my trytond install so it might be a while.23:51

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