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readygot an error using dbupdate00:36
readyis it known?00:36
readyi am using tip00:36
cedkready: yes it must be fixed with
readycedk: my code already includes this. it doesnt solve it.00:55
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cedkready: are you sure?01:01
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cedkzodman: hi16:16
cedkzodman: when the packages will be available officially on foresight, you can put a link in website download section16:16
zodmanyes cedk np!16:28
zodmanthe only differences its not need the @fl:2-devl sting after the package :>16:29
zodman@fl:2-devel string*16:29
cedkzodman: I did not succed to see the packages by the way16:30
zodman on middle page exist tryton*16:31
cedkzodman: I see that trytond_party has no requirements16:36
cedkzodman: is it normal? it depends on trytond and country16:36
zodmanthe default requires its added on trytonpackage
zodmantrytond_party pass the buildrequires from trytonpackage to trytond_party.16:38
zodmanbuildrequires  pass from trytonpackage to trytond_party.16:38
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cedkzodman: if you said, I'm not sure to understand the foresight packaging16:42
zodmanjeje its like python  Inheritance16:45
zodmanthe recipe its a simple python script16:46
cedkzodman: where can I see it?16:48
zodmanhere the main
cedkzodman: so I don't see that party depends on country16:51
zodmanyes you have right ...16:52
zodmanneeds add more deps ...16:52
cedkzodman: ok16:53
zodmanits rarely because the package system autodetects deps an suggest add requires ...its can be posible im package first country and then party and not invert.16:55
zodmannp im fix it today16:55
cedkzodman: but as it is Python, I don't see how it can detect deps16:56
zodmanooooh the conary system detect it.16:57
zodmanthe recipe pass to another program called cvc16:57
zodmanit cook or construct/build the package on a chroot ...16:58
zodmanits detect whats importing on the package16:58
zodmanfo example if party import country and country nots installed ... the packagesystem not detect the dependency.16:58
zodmanbut if it inverts suggest add as deps16:59
cedkzodman: but with tryton modules doesn't explicitly import each others17:17
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zodmanim back17:46
zodmancedkzodman: but with tryton modules doesn't explicitly import each others17:47
JamesPharaohhi guys, can anyone help me work out how to use tryton to manange my company's accounts?17:47
zodmanyes but i dont know how deps works... but detects .. its very interest the package system its develop from its called conary17:47
cedkzodman: where could we see the dependency it detects for a package ?17:48
cedkJamesPharaoh: what are you looking for exactly ?17:49
JamesPharaohcedk: i have entered some parties, and invoices, which seems ok, but was wanting to manage accounts more directly, eg input entries from my bank statements. i can't find an interface to view and manage accounts in this way17:49
zodmancedk:  directly needs run a foresight17:50
zodmanconary rq trytond_party --deps17:50
zodmanits a command17:50
zodmanim not on my foresight box for show the deps. Sorry!17:51
cedkJamesPharaoh: there is the module account_statement17:52
cedkzodman: ok, so you should verify that it shows correct deps17:52
cedkzodman: otherwise you can see deps in of each module17:52
zodmanok cedk17:55
zodmanexist the way for create a appliance of trytond and modules17:55
zodmanidont know how but its posible!17:56
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cedkzodman: what do you call appliance ?17:57
zodmana linux box design especially for contains a software17:59
cedkzodman: why not17:59
cedkzodman: the debian maintainer talked some times ago about creating a livecd18:00
zodmanits moreless that18:00
zodmanthe rpath technology can create vm images, installable isos,etc.18:01
zodmanthe conary technology*18:01
cedkzodman: great18:01
zodmanim not promise because idont know how :P but its on process.18:02
cedkzodman: ok18:02
cedkACTION bbl18:02
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JamesPharaohanyone - i've created a statement journal and am trying to create a statement, when i press validate i get "please provide debit and credit account on statement journal". i have no idea what this means and can't find anywhere to enter this information. any suggestions?19:19
cedkJamesPharaoh: on the journal of the statement journal19:23
JamesPharaohcedk: oh ok, i saw that but didn't think it was it because it said statement journal not journal... should they both point to the account i've created for the bank account then?19:24
cedkJamesPharaoh: yes, those accounts will be used to make the counterpart of each statement lines19:25
JamesPharaohcedk: thanks, looks like it's working...19:28
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JamesPharaohcedk or anyone: how would i input expenses? for example i am getting payment from google checkout which are slightly less than the invoice amount. i assume i need a payment from a google checkout expense account onto the invoice in question to take it down to zero but am not sure how i'd put this in...20:09
cedkJamesPharaoh: I don't understand20:13
cedkJamesPharaoh: write somewhere the account moves20:13
JamesPharaohcedk: i have posted invoice for £100, and i've posted a payment from my bank statement for £96.40, the other £3.60 is a transaction fee and i'm not sure how to get that in20:14
JamesPharaohcedk: does that make sense? basically i never see the full amount because the payment processor has taken a cut20:15
cedkJamesPharaoh: I'm not a accountant but I guess you must create a move for the £3.620:16
cedkJamesPharaoh: but you can not do it on statement20:17
cedkJamesPharaoh: and then you must reconcile the three lines20:18
JamesPharaohcedk: yeah, i don't think it belongs on the statement either. if i can just add a move from an expense account to accounts payable and associate it with that invoice then that will be fine.. do i just add it under entries / account moves?20:18
cedkJamesPharaoh: yes20:20
cedkJamesPharaoh: and after that you go on "Reconcile Lines"20:20
JamesPharaohwhere is that?20:21
JamesPharaohi can see "lines"20:21
JamesPharaohcedk: and i've input one a credit and a debit but they're both red :(20:21
JamesPharaohcedk: also i can't find anywhere to enter the invoice20:21
cedkJamesPharaoh: where have you inpu lines ?20:22
JamesPharaohcedk: under a new entry in account moves20:23
JamesPharaohoh i just found the reconciliation field but i just posted it20:23
JamesPharaohcedk: i think i can work it out now20:23
JamesPharaohcedk: and i'm about to be chucked out of my office20:23
JamesPharaohcedk: thanks for all your help :) :)20:23
cedkJamesPharaoh: ur welcome20:25
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