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plantianIs there information stored in a tryton database that would prevent a client from connecting to it after moving the database between servers?  I'm trying to use the database from an sql file on another computer and the server starts fine and is listening on 8070 but the client will not connect with "Could not connect to server!".08:36
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udonoplantian: did you use secure connection?09:07
plantianudono: I did not before but I tried turning it on and making cert+private-key but it didn't seem to make a difference.09:09
plantianI am sure it is some very simple mistake. I noticed that my postgresql version is newer on this computer than on my prior development machine, I hope that isn't it.09:10
udonoplantian: delete ~/.config/tryton/<BRANCH>/known_hosts on client-side09:10
udonoplantian: it could be the fingerprint check, which block the connection.09:11
plantianThe client and server are the same machine and it should be using localhost.09:12
plantianI deleted the known_hosts entry though.  Do I need to tell the client to use a secure connection or will it autodetect.09:12
plantianI should add that I am using trunk too.09:13
udonoplantian: it will autodetect09:13
udonoplantian: ust try again09:13
udonoplantian: did the server outputs something, when the client tries to connect?09:15
plantianudono: [Tue Dec 21 00:14:40 2010] INFO:database:connect to "template1"09:16
udonoplantian: it seems a database role problem.09:16
udonoplantian: the given user/password for database in trytond.conf or ~/.pgpass seems not right.09:18
udonoplantian: or the system user which start the server has no database access for the database you want to connect. Problem is AFAIS server-site.09:19
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udonoplantian: best is to check the owner of the new database.09:26
plantianudono: Yeah it seems that psql does not check my password, so all passwords work.  I think maybe something is wrong with my postgresql configuration.09:27
plantianNevermind I guess that is how my other server works too.09:29
plantianDoes trytond use the configuration settings when running update=...  ?09:31
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udonoplantian: I think yes, because it needs to connect to the database and add/delete/modify tables/columns/values09:32
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udonoplantian: but at least it uses the trytond/etc/trytond.conf if no other configuration is found09:33
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plantianudono: Would the admin_password come into play?09:37
udonoplantian: unsure. But I think it does not come into play on trytond -u09:38
plantianudono: --update=all with trytond seems to work fine an connects and does regular updating09:39
plantianMaybe it is some other host/ip resolution problem?09:39
udonoplantian: ... I think admin_password is solely used for database administration tasks from the client, found in File > Database, but unsure09:40
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udonoplantian: host/ip I do not think, too, because the server stats: [Tue Dec 21 00:14:40 2010] INFO:database:connect to "template1"09:41
udonoplantian: who is the owner of your database and the tables inside?09:41
udonoplantian: usually you just need to check one table and the database self.09:42
plantianudono: The owner is correct for database and tables, it is 'tfs'.  The database is tfs-trunk though.  Why does it try to connect to template1?09:46
udonoplantian: so table owner is 'tfs' and database owner is 'tfs-trunk'?09:47
plantianDatabase is tfs-trunk and database owner is tfs.09:48
plantianIs that wrong ?09:48
udonoplantian: ok. Did you try to connect to tfs-trunk with user tfs via psql?09:49
udonoplantian: It does not look wrong...09:50
udonoplantian: something like sudo su tfs -c "psql tfs-trunk" should work.09:52
plantianI run tryton under a different shell user, maybe that is the problem.09:52
udonoplantian: then you need to set the database connection in trytond.conf09:54
udonoplantian: or put a ~/.pgpass for the system user, which runs trytond09:55
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udonoplantian: take a look into pg_hba.conf and find out how your database connection is set up. Take care of ident_sameuser and md5.10:01
plantianudono: The database connection is set in the trytond.conf and running trytond --update=all -d tfs-trunk as the shell user "ian" seems to work(the same as trytond server itself).10:01
plantianYeah okay I will compare those with other server.10:01
udonoplantian: ... another thing I recognized in trytond.conf is that interface = localhost does not work always. Then I used interface =
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vincentvdlHi... Feels like a  "Tryton for Dummies" question.. but I couldn't find an example of an Or in a domain?13:40
vincentvdlFor a view I only wat to display records that have a bool1 or bool2 field with value True13:43
bechamelvincentvdl: hi, should be something like Or(bool1, bool2)13:53
udonovincentvdl: bechamel: seems not so easy, it is a domain, not states13:54
vincentvdl@bechamel: A domain needs to be a tuple if I'm not mistaken?13:55
bechameludono, vincentvdl: oh yes didn't read correctly13:55
vincentvdl@uduno: Thanks for confirming that ;-)13:55
bechamel['OR', tuple1, tuple2]13:55
udonovincentvdl: Does this work: ['OR', ('bool1', '=', True), ('bool2', '=', True)]13:55
vincentvdluduno: first thing I tried :) Going to try bechamel's suggestion now13:56
bechamelvincentvdl: udono awnser should work actualy13:57
vincentvdluduno, bechamel: Will doublecheck13:57
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udonovincentvdl:  ['OR', [('bool1', '=', True)], [('bool2', '=', True)]] should work13:58
udonovincentvdl: see
vincentvdluduno: OK I see my errror, thought Or was a pyson function, so I had something like Or(....). Sorry!13:59
vincentvdludono, bechamel: Thanks for your help, I managed to get it working14:08
udonovincentvdl: never mind14:08
vincentvdl<field name="domain">['OR', ('bool1', '=', True), ('bool2', '=', True)]</field>14:08
bechamelvincentvdl: your are welcome :)14:09
KavliIs there a Tryton 4 Dummies somewhere. Some basic use-cases for the different modules. It feels stupid to ask basic questions in this forum. Like now I'm stuck at marking open invoices paid. I'm expecting a button in an open invoice, where I can issue a payment, but nope... How do I handle payments?14:38
udonoKavli: did you install account_statement?14:41
Kavliudono: account_statement is indeed installed.14:42
udonoKavli: If you install account_statement, then the pay button on invoice is invisible. You need to do your payments with account statement.14:42
KavliAha! So I should uninstall account_statement, to make it simple?14:44
udonoKavli: You can not uninstall modules in Tryton14:44
Kavliudono: Ok, but I'll start over without installing account_statement. :-) Ok. I'll see if I can make it shine now. Thanx so far!14:46
udonoKavli: welcome14:47
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Kavliudono: Ok. Now it works as I expected it to do! Thanks again!16:05
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