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plantianudono: Thanks for the help the other day.  I think I finally figured out the problem.  It was permissions.  There is a new(at least in postgresql 8.2+) CONNECT privilege that is needed to be granted on template1 or at least that is fixing the problem.  The server is unable to connect because my user did not have that privilege.09:11
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margaHi!  I've been doing an OpenERP customization for over 3 months now, and I'm becoming more and more tired of the whole thing...16:50
margaAt many points in my frustration, people have suggested that I tried Tryton.  So I come here to ask, can you give me an overview of how much work it would be to migrate my customization work to Tryton?16:51
cedkmarga: it depends of your modules16:51
margaI have created around 10 customization modules, and I'm using around 20 of the official ones.  Mainly accounting/invoicing.16:52
cedkmarga: can you give a summary of what does your modules16:52
margaBut, most importantly, multi company.16:52
margaI'm trying to make a multi company system, but in a different way of what OpenERP thinks as multi company.16:52
margai.e. every user can make invoices/sales for every company, the accounting is the part that is done separatedly.16:53
margacedk: the modules are mainly simplifications or customizations of the sale and account modules of OpenERP.16:53
cedkmarga: sale and account are still quiet similar16:54
margaHow about wizards?16:54
cedkmarga: but with some differences16:54
margaCan you give me a link of the official list of modules, please?16:55
cedkmarga: wizards look like the legacy wizards of OpenERP but they are customizable by other modules16:55
margaUhm, I'm using a number of modules that are not listed there :-\16:56
margaFor example, the delivery module is not there.  Now, let's say I want to port the delivery module to Tryton... How much work would you estimate?16:57
cedkmarga: don't remember what does delivery modules?16:58
margaWell, I only use it because it adds carriers to the stock.picking16:59
margaIn any case, I just want a rough estimate, to really consider if I should just forgo openerp now, or not.17:00
margaWhat's the ORM like?17:01
cedkmarga: I think about 2 days for a fast porting17:01
margacedk: of 1 module?17:01
cedkmarga: and perhaps 5 days, if you take care of rethinking some stuffs and add test case17:01
cedkmarga: for delivery17:01
cedkmarga: the ORM is still the same than OE but with a lot of clean up17:02
cedkmarga: we try to go closer to Active Record17:02
cedkmarga: Why what?17:02
margaI don't know Active Record, but I've used SQL Alchemy and SQLObject, and they are both nicer.17:03
margaWhy stick with it when it's so ugly.17:03
cedkmarga: others don't give us what we need17:03
margaOk. Sorry.  I'm just really frustrated at the moment :-\17:04
margaHow about reports? Does it use rml2pdf?17:04
cedkmarga: the ORM is very tied with the inheritance behavior17:04
cedkmarga: no we use reportlab17:04
cedkmarga: oops typo, we use relatorio17:04
margaNever heard of it.17:04
margaIs it python code or xml or what?17:05
cedkmarga: do you know the OE module report_opendocument/report_openoffice17:05
cedkmarga: it is templating based on opendocument file17:05
margaNo.  I've done all my reports in rml.  I had already done rml reports before OpenERP, so that part was easy for me.17:06
cedkmarga: it takes odx and generate odx17:06
margaok, I see. So that means I'd need to re-do all my reports :(17:06
cedkmarga: so we don't change the format then we got wysiwyg17:07
cedkmarga: the report engine a overridable so you can use an other templater if you want17:07
margaHave you solved the on_change problem for inheritance?17:07
cedkmarga: you can use reportlab or the rml parser of zope17:07
cedkmarga: on_change are defined on fields and no more on view17:08
margaI don't see if that solves the inheritance problem.17:08
cedkmarga: and you just give a list of field to pass as argument of the on_change method17:08
cedkmarga: so all the on_change methods have the same signature17:09
margaWhen 2 modules inherit from 1, and the 3 of them want to do something on the on_change, it's currently not possible to do it.17:09
margaWell, that part is good.17:09
cedkmarga: then you can override one field to make it pass more field values17:09
margaRight, that part is good, but it's not my point.17:09
cedkmarga: it is possible in Tryton :-)17:09
margaHow do you make the 3 modules on_change functions get executed?17:10
cedkmarga: the order of module deps and if 2 modules depends on the same one, it is the alpha order of the module name17:10
cedkmarga: so we get a determinist order17:10
margaI see.  I'm not sure if that solves the problem I'm mentioning, but ok.17:11
cedkmarga: I guess your issue in OE was that you add a new param in one module and add an other one in the second17:12
margaThe issue is that when you call super() it calls the original super, but the "brother" module doesn't get called.17:13
cedkmarga: it does in Tryton17:13
cedkmarga: and the order of super calls is determinist17:14
cedkmarga: depending of module dependencies and module name17:14
margaSo, every on_change should call super, and it will call the super's in alphabetical order.17:14
cedkmarga: no, the name of the on_change method is fixed17:14
cedkmarga: like for the field party, it will be on_change_party17:15
cedkmarga: then every module will use the same method name17:15
cedkmarga: so it is the Python super solver that will be in charge of calling every parent methods17:15
margaOk, that's good.  Althought I don't see why you start with "no,"17:16
margaYou mean that all the on_change_party are automatically called, in the correct order?17:16
cedkI worked a lot with OE and I know all the bad design stuffs in it17:16
margaNo need to call super() ?17:16
cedkso I tried to solve them when we started Tryton17:16
cedkmarga: you must call super() in the on_change method that you change in your custom module17:17
margacedk: ok. Then I don't see why you started with "no," before.17:17
cedkmarga: I though you mean "alphabetic order" of the method name17:18
margaah, no, of the module name, as you had said.17:19
cedkmarga: ok so I take back my "no" :-)17:21
margaok :)17:22
margaThanks for the answers.17:22
margaI'm going to consider it, although it looks like it would be a real lot of work.17:22
margaBut I'm fearing that keeping up with OpenERP is going to drive me insane.17:22
cedkmarga: it is your choice. But if you choose Tryton, you will find help here and on the mailing list17:23
cedkmarga: and more often than in OE chan or forum17:24
cedkACTION bbl17:28
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