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MarKsaitisI am using tryton 2.2, all deps installed, ubuntu 12.04. self signed certs created by the guide, ssl enabled in config, srv restarted. tryton still doesnt want to listen to ssl port, no errors in the logs. why?10:16
MarKsaitispls help10:16
MarKsaitisI swear the god, it doesnt work lol10:32
udonoMarKsaitis: Hi, if you are on a new install, maybe it helps to remove  ~/.config/tryton/2.2/known_hosts10:35
MarKsaitisudono, it listens on jsonrcp, but it doesnt listen on ssl_jsonrpc! which is the important bit! most important10:36
MarKsaitis~/.config - where is that?10:36
MarKsaitisI know I did a good install10:36
udonoMarKsaitis: then you need to edit the trytond.conf file usually found in /etc/10:37
MarKsaitisudono, its configured well. All deps installed and met =)10:38
udonoMarKsaitis: when you say  it doesnt listen on ssl_jsonrpc, it sounds not configured well to me ;-)10:38
MarKsaitisudono, - it is all right10:39
MarKsaitislook at my config, checked 10 times10:39
MarKsaitisvar tryton logs dont display an error. netstat -pant doesnt say anything listens on 8001 at all10:40
udonodoes ssl_jsonrpc = True work? and using localhost:8000?10:41
yangoonMarKsaitis: ssl_jsonrpc is a boolean setting10:41
yangoonit will then listen on the jsonrpc port, but with ssl10:41
MarKsaitisyangoon, oh will it10:43
MarKsaitislol =)10:43
MarKsaitisyangoon, so if I do True for it, how do I know whether my port 8000 is encrypted? Will it be unencrypted and encrypted for some connections?10:44
yangoonMarKsaitis: it will always be encrypted10:45
MarKsaitisyangoon, how do I verify?10:46
udonoMarKsaitis: you will see a small yellow lock in the statusbar of the tryton client.10:47
MarKsaitisthank you udono , it seems it decided to listen now on ipv6 ... how do I make it ipv410:49
MarKsaitis# Activate the json-rpc protocol10:49
MarKsaitisjsonrpc = *:800010:49
MarKsaitisssl_jsonrpc = True10:49
MarKsaitisnetstat says it listens on ipv6 only, however is that strange10:49
MarKsaitistcp6       0      0 :::800010:50
udonoMarKsaitis: Try with localhost:8000 or
MarKsaitisbut log does now say its jsonrpc SSL :)10:50
MarKsaitistcp        0      0  and I cant connect10:51
MarKsaitisfrom remote host. The thing is that with no ssl it was fine10:51
MarKsaitiswith ssl true it listens to ipv6 only10:51
MarKsaitiswhat is that supposed to mean =)10:51
MarKsaitisI can remotelly telnet to 8000 port, but it doesnt give any chars10:53
MarKsaitistryton client says cant connect to the serv10:53
udonoMarKsaitis: so try to remove  ~/.config/tryton/2.2/known_hosts10:57
MarKsaitisudono, where is ~/.config ?10:57
udono~/ is the home folder of the system user which starts tryton.10:58
MarKsaitisdoes client not need a certificate?10:58
udonolike /home/marksaitis10:58
MarKsaitisudono, it's started under tryton user I believe, bu there is no /home/tryton10:59
udonoMarKsaitis: no, it stores the fingerprint of the server. Once the fingerprint changes, it will no longer connect to the server. This happens when changing the connection from ssl to non ssl or vice versa.10:59
MarKsaitisand anyways, it's listening on port 8000, log says its jsonrcp SSL, but I cant connect using the client. If I remove ssl support, the it all works fine11:00
udonoMarKsaitis: I talk about the user who starts the client, not the server.11:00
MarKsaitisudono, ok, then how do I tell my tryton client to just go and connect? bcs I tried connecting using 8000 no ssl, and then enabled ssl11:00
MarKsaitisoh! My client is on windows11:01
MarKsaitisdo I delete that file?11:02
MarKsaitisor clear it?11:02
MarKsaitisworks fine now!11:03
MarKsaitisThings like that should be on the first page of quickstart guide!11:03
MarKsaitisthank you a MILLION11:03
udonoMarKsaitis: Welcome.11:04
MarKsaitisudono, is there a web frontend too?11:04
udonoMarKsaitis: Feel free to contriibute some documentation.11:05
udonoMarKsaitis: No webfrontend.11:05
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